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I Didn’t See a Thing

Okay, so this is funny. I was all set to deal with the thunderstorms when they passed through, but by early afternoon there had only been a few sprinkles. I picked up a couple of plants with mom, dad and junior and we did get rained on at one place. We decided to go see Over the Hedge, for the 4:45 show, and left the house at about 4:20. Thought the movie was really cute, the popcorn was only okay, but they have Coke Icees there, so all was not lost. When the movie ended it was POURING rain. That meant Junior’s 6:30 baseball practice was cancelled, so we ran to Target to pick up a couple of things.

I picked up what I needed and when I got to the register, it was sunny, with blue skies. I expressed my amazement to the cashier, who proceeded to explain to me about the weather we had apparently missed while in the movie theater: black skies, lightening, 60mph wind gusts, hail, lost power, etc. Are you kidding me? That all happened and we didn’t have a CLUE.

So next time a big storm is predicted, I’m definitely going to the movies.


4 thoughts on “I Didn’t See a Thing

  1. Yeah, I’m gonna post what happened here during that little crazy interlude; just as I was leaving for work!!

  2. We had a wicked storm also. About 6 P.M. Sky got black as black, I was cooking out and couldn’t see the food on the grill. All of the sudden the winds got wicked and tree limbs were falling everywhere. The chicken was done at that point no matter what. Power was lost twice. It was all over in about 15 minutes and the sky was blue. The Hedge? Would it be worth it in the Drive In Theater?

  3. That sounds like a great idea to avoid a weather problem. Unless you wind up watching something like “Poseidon” I guess. You’re probably better off being struck by lightning.

  4. Robin – I await the tale! Oh, did you mean over on your site?

    T.O.M. – We were supposed to see it at the Drive-In on Saturday but it was too icky out. I think it would be a great drive-in movie movie. Tell the kids I’ve already downloaded all the Ben Folds songs off the soundtrack on iTunes, so they don’t have to.

    Reid, the day I see Poseidon, well…

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