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Here’s Where Things Stand

  • Grubs – Mostly dead, it appears
  • Ants – Made a run for the house when the lawn got over-saturated
  • Lawn – Most of the topsoil and seed washed downhill. What’s left isn’t looking good. That may have been $60 “down the drain” as it were.
  • Car – I need to remove several months worth of flotsam from under the seats
  • House – Will this be the weekend we clean out the spare bedroom?
  • – Mr. Dump swears the design will be done by this weekend, but by the way, he’s not really the best CSS programmer so good luck with that. Wait, that means I’ve got to start working on the content?
  • iTunes – Is there any way to back up your purchases to CD without having to burn it as a CD? I want to fit more than 12 songs on the CD at a time, but as far as backing up goes, if my computer died would I be able to just restore iTunes if all I did was copy the entire iTunes folder to a blank CD or DVD. I’m getting nervous that I’ve bought a lot of songs from iTunes and if my system croaks I’d have to a) reload ALL my CDs including the backup CDs that I’ve burned, 12 songs at a time.
  • Dinner – Went to the Monument Grill last night. Good Lord, I love that restaurant. We really do need to go there more often. Last night we went for our belated Anniversary dinner (our 13th anniversary was Monday). Good stuff, especially my favorite sweet potato ravioli appetizer.

7 thoughts on “Here’s Where Things Stand

  1. glad to hear about your grubs. If your topsoil & seed are washing down a hill, you must have one wicked hill in your yard. If that’s the case… i don’t know what to tell you. Out here in the flatmidwest we flatten everything and put drainage in. yee-haw.

    as far as i know, the only way to back up all your music is to:
    a)burn it 15 songs at a time to CD.
    b)burn it 50 songs at a time to DVD
    c)buy an external hard drive and put all of your music directly on there.

  2. Monument Grill rocks. It’s just so expensive. Their salad is amazing. So are their onion rings.

    Saw little tufts of grass coming up on Lawn Christine where hubby turned over the soil and reseeded. Hoorah. My backyard is a complete mudhole.

  3. Just one wicked hill in the spot where the grub picnic was happening. We got about 5 inches or so of rain in 24 hours…it didn’t take much for it to run down the hill.

    But when you say put it on an external drive, do you mean prior to adding them to iTunes?

    iTunes makes me nervous. I had an iPod mini that died less than a week after I got it, so there was no way to disassociate it with my computer, so I assume iTunes thinks that’s one of the 5 iPods I’m allows to copy music to.

    Christine – Thanks! I want to go back and try the duck confit. I went with one of the specials (cornish game hen) because I wanted the mushroom mozzarella risotto that it came with. Mmmmm.

  4. Jody,

    You could back up your entire collection to your ipod or to an external zip drive, or to a memory stick. What sort of volume are we talking here? I bought my husband the ipod video and he has all 3000 of our songs backed up to his device, plus on the back up drive we have.

    I tunes is complete mess, I hate it.

  5. prior or post adding them to iTunes, you can back all of the music up with any of the suggestions on here. I have a little over 40 gigs of music, so I had to buy an entire hard drive to store it all… best move i’ve made in a while. I can take the whole thing and upload it onto any PC i want.

  6. if you go to the music files and drag them directly to a blank CD, you’ll be able to fit a lot more songs on a CD. You won’t be able to listen to them on a regular CD player, (because they’ll be MP3’s, not wav files) but at least you’ll have them stored. If i were doing this, i’d go to my music folder, right-click on the white area, and choose “explore.” from there, just grab songs and drag them straight to the CD icon. Later, your computer will probably cue you to close the CD, or finish it or burn it or something like that. The point is, you’ll be making a disc of data, not listenable songs. good luck with this. it SHOULD work, but nothing’s a sure thing these days.

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