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Celebrating Memorial Day

When I was a young lass (not that long ago, thank you) I was a Girl Scout. I really liked being a Scout, and one of the things we did was march in the Leominster Memorial Day Parade. One year we sang patriotic songs at the Elks (for the Elks). The parade was cool, though, because you felt soooo important. I got to be the flag bearer one year – I think because I was the tallest girl in my troop.

But the songs we sang were the old standby classics – This Land is Your Land, America, etc. etc. This morning I went to a Memorial Day Extravaganza at Junior’s school. 218 (!) second graders sang for about 40 minutes. It was, and I’m not just saying this, a really fantastic show. I didn’t really know most of the songs, and that helped. The fact that my kid was in it also helped, but I think I would have enjoyed it anyway. And my God, when 218 little voices first start singing, if you don’t get a lump in your throat you are an evil soulless person. It was just very touching.

I’m glad that we had some soldiers there as special guests – I like that the kids actually understand what it’s all about. So even though it’s early, I just want to say thank you to all our Veterans, our enlisted men and women, and those who have gone on before us. Happy Memorial Day.

Update: I was seated fairly far, and didn’t have the big camera because I was going straight to work after. I got pictures and all the kids’ eyes appear to be glowing white. Freaked me right the hell out.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Memorial Day

  1. My grandpa was a gunner in WWII, and it always makes me happy to go to his grave around this time of year and see all the flags placed by the Boy Scouts. (My bro was a Boy Scout, and I remember him doing that.)

    Have a great holiday weekend, Jody! And if you feel like accompanying me to the putting range, shoot me an E.

  2. Glad I got a block in Carter Park for my Dad.. Lost him back in Jan. He didn’t like to talk much about WWII. Later I did find out that a German bomb hit next to him and it was a dud.
    Then one hit at night and killed the guy sleeping next to him and he had a small leg wound. Now I know why he went to church EVERY morning when I was a kid.

  3. It sounds wonderful, we don’t do anything like that here though the kids are invited to the parade if they want, unfortunatly the parade is down to less than ten people now. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  4. Jody, I am a frequent reader of the Dump living here in California. I have video tapes of my daughter (now a 21 year old college student) when she was in the grammar school chorus. You are so right about the throat lump inducing sound of those wonderful little voices.
    Hope you and all the Dumps have a great holiday weekend. (BTW, I just got back grom Boston last night, visited family in Walpole, Acton and Newton)

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