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This Day Is Going to Drag

I have the day off tomorrow, making this a short week. Today is my Friday. Do you know long this day is going to drag on? Yes, that long.

I’m also very hungry and lunch is very far away. What on earth is going on with me? Am I running in a different time zone – something located out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean?

Plans for the long weekend, if I had nothing else going on, had unlimited cash available and could do several item simultaniously:

  • Replace the wooden picket fencing we have with some of that nice vinyl stuff. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it myself so maybe this bullet point would just be to pick out the replacement fencing.
  • Pull together a big bag of clothes Junior has outgrown and give them to mom to process (she knows people that she passes some of it along to, and the rest we bring to Ginny’s).
  • Demolish the rest of the dirty laundry pile
  • Roto-till the side yard and reseed that sucker with something hearty that can handle being in full sun.
  • Put in an underground sprinkler system
  • Fertilize the lawn with something other than dog poo
  • Train the dog to heel when he goes for a walk.
  • Clean the tub, or pay someone to clean the tub
  • Wash the kitchen floor, or pay someone to wash the kitchen floor
  • Get my hair done (I actually have an appointment for that one for Saturday)

Knowing me, the only one I’ll finish (hell, start) is the last one because I have an appointment booked for it.


One thought on “This Day Is Going to Drag

  1. You’re a busy girl! I’m planning on dying eggs on Saturday, then going to my MIL’s on Sunday for dinner. This is if I feel up for it, because right now, I feel like a$$.

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