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Nobody Sang “Tie Your Mother Down”

I guess maybe being on ABC, owned by Disney [Ed: Christine, you’re right, it’s Fox. They should have ALL sung this song.] kept “Tie Your Mother Down,” one of my favorite Queen songs, off Idol last night. God I love Queen. It was nice to have a whole bunch of good songs (no offense to Kenny Rogers, who no longer has anything in common with the MadTV version played by Will Sasso, my hero. Although it would have been pretty funny if he had.)

I’ve been watching this season more than any other, and up until last night I had never voted for anyone. I just leave it up to the rest of America. But Paris knocked my proverbial socks off (cause I was wearing flipflops at the time, yo) and I actually took the time to call and vote for her. 5 times. So Paris, honey, your talent just pushed me right over the edge. Amazing.

As a side note, when did Roger Taylor become an accountant? A white shirt and tie? What have they done to you!?


5 thoughts on “Nobody Sang “Tie Your Mother Down”

  1. D’oh! Right. I knew that. I have Disney on the brain.

    It’s still one of my favorite Queen Songs. Bucky did my other one, which ticks me off because I don’t like him. I will say he didn’t kill it as much as he could have.

  2. Bucky was OK last night — for Bucky. Ace sucked (shh, don’t tell Butterstar!). I thought Kellie, Paris and Elliott were great. Taylor was a bit over the top. And that Innuendo song Chris did was just too out there, although he has a great voice.

    My two favorite Queen songs are Crazy Little Thing Called Love (also done by Fantasia a few seasons ago) and Somebody to Love (which George Michael covered brilliantly).

  3. I disagreed with them on Chris…I was pleased he picked a song that no one really knows that well. I usually listen from the other room, so when I heard him singing, I thought maybe they weren’t on Queen songs anymore, but then I heard the guitar licks and the way he hit some of the notes, and I knew he was channelling Freddy Mercury successfully. None of them seemed to give any of them credit for this ‘channeling’ (or NOT) ability. I thought Simon was going to rip Kelly open on the way she moved on stage (did she not look like a puppet???) but he disappointed me. Paris was amazing and Taylor is on crack, man. I haven’t been watching much before this, but I am hooked now!

  4. I think you’re right, Robin. I wasn’t bothered by the fact that it wasn’t something from the greatest hits album. I think it’s better to do something unfamiliar because the audience isn’t sitting there thinking “well, Freddie held that note a little longer.”

    Unless, of course, you own the Innuendo album.

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