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No Relief in Sight

The inside of my nose is itchy, so if I seem distracted this morning, it’s because it’s driving me crazy. I don’t really know what else I can do, other than squirting lotion or something in there. In order to scratch the itch, I look like I’m picking my nose, so I’m trying to avoid doing that. I have no idea what caused the irritation that makes it itchy, but I’m willing to offer my nose a dollar if it will just stop it.

Other than the itchy nose…

Oh, I thought this was interesting. Yesterday I sent Mr. Dump to the Leominster Post Office to mail out our taxes. See, nobody can point and call me a slacker. I don’t wait for the last day to mail MY taxes. (They were done a few weeks ago, but I was in no hurry to mail out the checks.) We had a bunch of stamps at home so we just loaded up the envelopes, but I wanted him to give them to a person instead of a mailbox. That always makes me feel better. So around 7pm, he went inside to hand them to the lady at the counter. And she told him that in her whole 12 hour shift so far, he was literally the first person to hand her stuff to mail to the IRS. As in, nobody else walked in even to have their envelopes metered. What? How can he be the FIRST person to mail his taxes inside the post office the whole day? She said that because of him she lost a bet (I assume that nobody would be mailing their taxes inside the post office yesterday.)

Well, her theory is more people are doing electronic filing, but my theory is that they will be arriving in droves today.

So tell me…did you mail your taxes? And if so, did you just pop them in a mailbox, or did you go into a branch of the Post Office and hand them to someone (either because you needed to weigh them, or because you’re paranoid like me)?


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  1. I bet you were sneakly picking your nose!
    We take ours to the tax center and they actually have a drive through tent thingy so you don’t even have to get out of your car (the tax officers who draw the short straw don’t get wet when it rains). They went online last year and the whole thing crashed, I think they were only expecting about ten people to fill in online forms!

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