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Last Season for Tri-Town?

As I have previously reported, there are plans afoot to turn the space that is currently occupied by the Tri-Town drive-in into affordable housing. According to an article in yesterday’s Fitchburg Sentinel, it looks like the owner is leaning toward selling, mostly because of three tax increases on his property in the past year knocking out all profits from the 6 months he can run his business.

He hinted that he might open a new drive-in somewhere else, but having heard stuff like that before, I wouldn’t count on it. So kids, this summer is probably your last chance to go to a local drive-in. They opened for the season this past weekend.


3 thoughts on “Last Season for Tri-Town?

  1. Like Whalom Park before it, enjoy this local summer landmark while you can. I miss drive-ins in general.

  2. The condo-izing and mall-izing continues… We went to Tritown a few times in our old car..although I am not a fan of mosquitoes. In my old age the screen seemed pretty dark to me, the arc lamps and lenses probably have seen better days.

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