7 thoughts on “I Was Abducted by Space Aliens

  1. If you wanted us to save you, you should have sent us the postcard BEFORE you came back. Just sayin’.

  2. Oh, man, not only were you away but you were at Disney… now I am really depressed…

  3. I’m gonna have to agree with Laurie. We aren’t psychics after all. Scheez, cut us some slack.

  4. I can’t open the postcard, but I would like to say that as long as there was no anal probe, I’m sure you found a way to make the abduction fun. The blogosphere was not the same without you, tho, so whatever those aliens did to you, I’m glad you’re back.

    As for the weather? Rain, rain, rain and oh yes, more rain. And entirely too cold for this time of year.

  5. You can’t? I had trouble in Firefox, but when I refreshed the web page it loaded.

    Okay, I wasn’t really abducted by aliens, but I could have been. They might have made me skip work today.

    And Laurie, I was sending you messages telepathically, but I got your answering machine.

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