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Happy Heaster!

Mr. Dump and Junior and I wish you all a very Happy Heaster, as the toy rabbit we once saw at CVS a dozen years ago used to say. “Happy Heaster!” There was no mistaking the extra “H” so we always use it. That makes out Easter wishes more specialer than everyone else’s, don’t you think?

The Easter Bunny didn’t miss out house at all. He really shouldn’t have brought so much gum, I think. I don’t know if he noticed that he brought so much, but there you go. I hope Junior starts chewing it soon.

It’s a lovely day, if windy. I was going to wear sandals but I think my toes might be a bit cold. But maybe we need to sacrifice comfort for looking fabu. I’ll let you know.


3 thoughts on “Happy Heaster!

  1. I think they’ll last at least a few days. If I can stay out of the basket, maybe most of the week! Happy Easter to you too!

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