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Dear Journalists…

I’ve been following the horrible unspeakable story of Kevin Ray Underwood, the man who killed his 10 year old neighbor. He was a blogger. Who isn’t? But I noticed that they said he’d joked about cannibalism in his profile, and it got me wondering about that. So I did a search and found his blogspot blog. The thing that they keep quoting is “If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner? The skin of last night’s main course. ” The point being “oh, look, he talked about cannibalism in public!” But wait just a minute…that part of his profile, the question, that’s generated by BLOGGER. He didn’t make the question up, he just answered it. Everyone with a Blogger profile answers a question. Now they can reject questions until they find one they want to answer, so he DID choose it, but if you search for just the question – there are whole bunches of people who answered it in the profile.

So should we do a pre-emptive strike and arrest all of them? Should we arrest the folks at Blogger for making up the question? Okay, maybe that’s not the real point, but I trusted the journalists that he was talking about this stuff on his blog when I found out where it appeared. A quick check of his site shows the most recent stuff is just links out to news articles and other websites that he found interesting. I didn’t see anything (on the home page) that would make me wonder about this guy. Jumping to conclusions about the profile question and answer? Not a good idea. On the other hand, how many people are changing their profiles so they don’t have that question any more?

My question, by the way, is the “Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?”

So, journalists, why don’t we get out there and make sure we’re reporting accurately, okay?

Oh, and Kevin Underwood? Fry in hell, buddy.


5 thoughts on “Dear Journalists…

  1. You and me both. But the papers didn’t actually post the URL (or hadn’t yesterday) so it probably wasn’t the bandwidth drain it could have been. I assume it will come down sooner rather than later.

  2. A lot of very quiet, keep to themselves, type people commit horrible crimes, perhaps a lot of us should be in prison just incase.

  3. The Fifth Nail is still up, and it’s been almost a year since he was arrested for the Groene family murders. It’s not likely they will take it down. It’s called freedom of speech, and that has been compromised enough already.

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