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An Apology to Kenny, our Server from Chilis

Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. I am such a schmuck. I didn’t notice until today that I didn’t leave the merchant copy of the charge slip when we ate there last week, and that means you didn’t get a tip. My God, man, you should have chased us out of the restaurant and caused a big scene! Well, no, that isn’t good either. But I realize that they can’t put the charge through for anything more than the bill, which means you didn’t get a tip. I’m really really sorry and I’ll be back some night this week to drop off cash for you, with an extra dollar just for your pain and suffering. Again, I’m sorry, and the next time you see us, please don’t spit in our food.




7 thoughts on “An Apology to Kenny, our Server from Chilis

  1. Hey, it could be worse.

    One time when I was little, my family went to Friendly’s for dinner. We were walking around the mall afterwards, and my mom said to my dad, thanks for paying the bill. To which he replied: “I thought YOU paid the bill!” They were too embarrassed to go back.

  2. They were too embarrassed to go back.

    They were too embarrassed to go back, but not too embarrassed to keep walking?! Man, I’d have gone back and paid just on the off-chance I might someday have to show my face there again.

  3. My friend and I ate at Chili’s last Friday night. We ate in the lounge and let the waiter know we were there to eat and leave. 30 minutes later I spoke to a manager. Then 10 minutes later another manager came over, sat down right next to me and said “I ate your food!” I said “and that means our entire meal is free, right?” Looking stunned, she said yes. They charged us for our cokes and dessert (gee, that came out in time). That was my first time at a Chili’s (I let the mgr. know that) and it will be my last. Horrible, horrible service. Small wonder they’re losing money (friend of a friend’s husband bartends there)

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