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What Were We Thinking?

[Last Night, Typed in on my SideKick]:
I’m at the Filene’s in Leominster, waiting for the other blogger chicks on North Central Mass to meet me. I’m not entirely sure how this will work because I’ve never done this before, but it beats doing the dishes and laundry!

I got here a little too early and realized there are two doors on the side we said we’d meet. Uh oh. So I went for the one I thought Christine meant but that means I’m standing here in the Junior section. I am so conspicuous it hurts.

I wandered to the other door but you have to pass through the cosmetics section and I was terrified they were going to take one look at me and wrestle me to the ground so they can give me a makeover.

What fun! North Central MA blogging chix rule! Thanks to Christine, Robin and Butterstar for getting together over an Orange Julius! As an update for them – I got stuck standing outside in the wind and cold for 20 minutes waiting for the dog to poop after I got back. Again, I ask, I have a dog why?


2 thoughts on “What Were We Thinking?

  1. Yeah, we have this thing going on now…she used to just go outside, poop and/or pee, then go in. Now, she has to do perimeter alert. You know, in case there are terrorist squirrels on the loose that might steal her poop and make voodoo dolls or something. Crazy dog!

  2. You rock, Jody! I had so much fun. Thanks for the OJ. We’ll have to do it again!

    You love Phantom. Admit it.

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