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Watching and Waiting

[Update: Whew! Just a cyst! It might come back, and will have to be dealt with again, but it was just a cyst!!! I gotta head over to Petco and get him a big meaty bone!]

Dropped the pooch off at the vet this morning to have them remove a little cyst-like lump he has just under his skin. I am torn between thinking it’s nothing horrible, just a cyst or something fluid-filled that doesn’t even seem to bother him, to thinking it’s something horrible. Right now we’re waiting for the vet to call and give us a status update (they are keeping him for the day because it’s easier for us to do it that way, but they weren’t going to look at him until noon-ish because it was a non-emergency.

I don’t like stuff like this at all, thank you very much. I wanted them to tell Mr Dump “Oh, THAT’s why you called? Oh that’s nothing.” but they can’t do that, now, can they? They have to be all formal and use the scary words (biopsy and surgery) because really, until they take it out/look at it, they really don’t know what it is, do they?

So anyway, if I seem distracted today, that’s why.


6 thoughts on “Watching and Waiting

  1. Poor baby! I have a recipe for peanut butter cookies. I made them for my niece and can pass it along if you like. That’ll make the poor lil’ guy happy.

  2. I got him some bones filled with a peanut butter substance cause I couldn’t bear to get the stinky feet ones. And I got him two of these hockey puck shaped beef jerky-ish treats, one of which he was VERY happy to devour when I got home. Oh, and a new rope toy. Cause he’s mama’s good baby!

  3. Thanks everyone. He’s dandy. They drained the cyst about halfway, and we’re supposed to keep an eye on it and have it drained again if it gets bigger. If it gets too big they’ll have to remove it, but they were trying to not be invasive at this point.

  4. wow, you’ve gone from not really being a dog person to having a lil’ fur baby. Dogs tend to do that! πŸ˜‰

    Glad he’s OK. He sure is cute.

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