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Month: March, 2006

Facing the Important Decisions

I’m glad I’m not a politician or the President of a major corporation. Because I get mired in the mud of making simple decisions all the time. Some decisions I can make without a second thought. But when you find yourself unable to decide if you should cut your hair before vacation, you have a problem.

So here’s the thing – my looks okay right now. I’m not crazy about it, but it’s functional. (Heh). I love the way my current hairdresser colors it (although this last time we tried going darker and I don’t like it nearly as much) but I don’t think she can cut it at ALL. She is the winner of the “who can give Jody the oddest haircut ever” award for one she gave me about 3 months ago. So now I’m thinking I’ll just go to her for coloring and find someone else to give me cuts. Which is, by the way, a pain in the butt for me. But anyhoo…I have an appointment with her for the weekend before we go on vacation. I should probably get a cut between now and then, but I realized that I might want to put my hair in some kind of ponytail when we’re in Florida and right now it’s long enough to make one (just barely). So if I cut it at all, no ponytail. And that’s the current dilemma.

Do you see why you might not want to put me in charge of anything major?

Once I figure that out, I’ll work on the “should I bring a video camera or not” dilemma. (Video rocks, but that’s a whole extra piece of electronic equipment to keep track of, and really can only take one of them with me at a time if I don’t want to suffer back and shoulder problems. I’m old now, I have to be careful about how heavy my bag/purse/backpack is.)


On the Adam V. Topic…

I am crushed and heartbroken. I don’t know who I blame more for this happening – Adam or the Patriots’ front office for not making him a franchise player.

[Insert angry and sad face here]


I’m Ready for a Little Warm, Thanks

You know, I really should pay more attention to the bloody groundhog’s predictions, you know? I believe “he” said there would be six more weeks of winter (i.e. no early spring). Damned if he wasn’t right on the money with the one, eh? It’s the first day of spring – there are only two weeks left to the month of March…and it’s not even forty flippin degrees. The high is only supposed to be 34 today. thirty four. But wait, there’s a wind, so it only feels like twenty one degrees.

On March 20th. The first day of Spring.



Phantom Stuff

I know that on a Sunday afternoon, the best thing to ease you into Monday is a few pictures of our little love monkey Phantom, right?

I put a few new pictures up for you. Just click the Nose to see them.


I Should Have Worn More Green

Over the years, I watched St. Patrick’s Day come and go, but never felt connected to it. I never saw myself as Irish, mostly because growing up I was told that I only had a drop of Irish in me. But on my dad’s side, I was told I had a little bit of everything in me, so in my head I was half French, half this white blob of all mixed up stuff.

Since growing older and wiser and taking an interest in my own genealogy, the realization finally hit me…I have more Irish in me than most people celebrating the day…for goodness’ sake, my great-grandmother was born in Ireland! When does that get translated into “a drop”? My grandmother was half Irish, half Scottish (and those folks were far easier to research, by the way. Her mom died when she was very young, and I just don’t have as much background on my great grandmother, Ellen Mackay. Of course, the 1910 census has her being from Scotland, but I know that’s not true. My friend Sioux confirms that in the 1900 census, an Ellie McKay was living in Clinton, and she was from Ireland. I can’t verify that’s her, but the dates and ages, etc. are right. Poor woman was 28 and single back then. Her family must have assumed she’d be that way forever!

Anyhoo, kiss me, my great grandmother was Irish!


What Were We Thinking?

[Last Night, Typed in on my SideKick]:
I’m at the Filene’s in Leominster, waiting for the other blogger chicks on North Central Mass to meet me. I’m not entirely sure how this will work because I’ve never done this before, but it beats doing the dishes and laundry!

I got here a little too early and realized there are two doors on the side we said we’d meet. Uh oh. So I went for the one I thought Christine meant but that means I’m standing here in the Junior section. I am so conspicuous it hurts.

I wandered to the other door but you have to pass through the cosmetics section and I was terrified they were going to take one look at me and wrestle me to the ground so they can give me a makeover.

What fun! North Central MA blogging chix rule! Thanks to Christine, Robin and Butterstar for getting together over an Orange Julius! As an update for them – I got stuck standing outside in the wind and cold for 20 minutes waiting for the dog to poop after I got back. Again, I ask, I have a dog why?


That Can’t Be Good

I was just sitting here at my desk, thinking to myself “Wow, it really smells like someone stepped in dog crap.”

So I do the obligatory shoe-check, even though I should have smelled it long before now. So I just immediately assume someone sitting in a cube near me stepped in it during a lunchtime walk.

But just now, I realized that the smell is coming from my trash can, and it’s from the part of my lunch that I didn’t finish. There is just no way to put a good spin on this. (But it didn’t taste like dog crap!)


Was I Supposed to Beware of Something?

Is today the Ides of March? You know, when they say “Beware the Ides of March”? I don’t know why I think it’s the 15th. I don’t even know what the hell it means, but I have the 15th stuck in my head.

So if it is (let’s assume), what exactly am I bewaring of?

[Update: Oh, hey, I was right, the Ides of March is March 15th. In some other months the Ides is the 13th. And “Beware the Ides of March” isn’t for me, it was said to Julius Caesar and made famous by Shakespeare. So I guess I have one less thing to stress about today.]


I Left My Phone at Home

I HATE THAT. And the stupid web interface for T-Mobile doesn’t show the content of the message if it was sent in HTML format, meaning the only way to see it is to click “reply” and then it displays all the HTML codes. Really wonderful.

Quote of the day:
– “I got an ice cream headache trying to do the math.” – Steve Donovan, WXLO


Monday Wonders

Here are the key points for today’s meeting.

  • We weren’t able to find a beard at the dollar store. I know you find that hard to imagine, but I guess there just wasn’t enough room what with all the candles and knick-knacks and whathaveyou. We tried iParty but I’m not paying 8 bucks for my kid to pretend he’s not himself at school. So we’ll just have to leave this experiment on hold for now.
  • Interestingly, we ate dinner at my sister’s house last night and we watched Howl’s Moving Castle. One of the characters, Markl, is a young boy who wears a beard when he goes out in the town, and nobody sees past his disguise. We loved this movie, and now that we’ve seen this one and Spirited Away I have put the rest of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies in my Amazon “to buy” basket.
  • On the way to work I got to wondering…if I got rear-ended by a cement mixer and all the cement came pouring out on my car, and as I got out it got all over me, my hair, etc., how long would I have before my hair and clothes because encased in cement?
  • It’s “Deal or No Deal” night at my house. Jen and Steve (WXLO) interviewed Howie Mandell this morning, and I was thrilled when Steve asked the question I would have asked…Howie did memorize the names of the 26 girls, but they hold the same number case EACH time, so it’s easier to remember them all. I guess I hadn’t paid close enough attention to know that they are always in the same spot. Prior to today, I had hoped that he was just making up names on the fly, because that would be really funny. And now I have to pay closer attention because he has OCD and one of his things is that he doesn’t shake hands with anyone. Interesting problem for a game show host!
  • I did go to the Leominster Filene’s yesterday after getting my hair done and picked up a few things from the 80% off rack. Our store is not having a total clearance the way some of the others are. They are selling off the brands they won’t carry as Macy’s, but there is still a lot of regularly priced merchandise available. But I can say I got 2 pair of Lee jeans for six bucks each! Score! (I should go back and get more, eh?)