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On Being a Gagillionaire

Now that I’ve had a day for my new gagillionaire status to sink in, I have decide it’s time to change some of the priorities in my life.

There are a few things I want to change, and I’ll give you the short list here.

I think we’ll need to change houses. Sure, we like our cozy cape, but a gagillionaire just can’t live in a 1500sf house. It isn’t “done”. So I’m thinking we need to find something more like this:

I think I could very easily feel “at home” here. I’ve already started picking out what room I want for storing my summer shoes!

And we would give Phantom a dog house cause he doesn’t have one right now. Maybe something with a European feel?

After we get the house thing squared away, it will be time to take a look at our cars. Sure, they’re nice, but a gagillionaire can’t be driving a 2004 Toyota Sienna. As I said earlier, it just isn’t done.

I will probably look for something in this line

While Mr Dump goes for something sportier.

So many things a gagillionaire has to think about…

[UPDATE: Okay, I have to share the following email exchange I had with Mr. Dump after he viewed this post.

Him: Look – if I’m going to bother overcompensating, I’ll buy a Porsche.
Me: But is a Porsche full of wieners? I think not. Unless it’s your turn to drive to lunch. “You know what’s in wieners? Well, there’s cow’s eyes, and dog’s heads, and old phone books, and, of course, *wiener flavor*…. ” (From a Gavin skit on Kids in the Hall.)”]


One thought on “On Being a Gagillionaire

  1. Wife and I went through this discussion of a bigger place sometime ago when kids were small. After awhile she realized:
    1. Kids grow up fast and move out before you know it.
    Space comes back.
    2. Big house = less $$ for goofing off
    3. New house construction is junky. I have not seen anything build past the early 90s that is sturdy. I have even seen press (particle) board now being used on roofs !!
    4. Cars are lousy investments – but fun.. I broke down and bought a supercharged toy.. (even has sticker on it not to drive in snow). You only live once…

    We refinanced some time ago to 15 year, about 1/2 way though, although college costs are starting to hit. The loans now have to be paid back while the kid is in school by the parents ! When I went, I borrowed everything in my own name and paid it off after school was done.


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