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On Being a Doufus

Why, yes, I did try to run an errand at lunch today. And yes, I did realize as I was in line that I’d left my ATM card back at work, why do you ask?

Grandma and Grandpa are going to take junior fishing this afternoon. Lucky kid.


3 thoughts on “On Being a Doufus

  1. That’s ok, I forgot to do my errand completely at lunch. So I had a 30 min break this afternoon and figured I would do it then plus run from Westford to home… I got what I needed, then got stuck behind construction on 2/495 and slow pokes, got home late for my scheduled work call.

    Note: cell phones do not hold calls driving from rt2/495 to Leominster, guaranteed to loose folks a few times.

  2. yeah, you have to avoid the cell DEATH zone…there are actually a couple on 117. Of course, I always realize I have a call I MUST make…oh about a minute away from reaching the death zone, so I either make it and drop the call, or don’t make it and forget to do it after I reach safety.

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