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Must Be My Genes

You know, most people would distance themselves from weird stuff their kid says or does. Not me. I love it. I eat it up. I want him to be a creative thinker, and if he’s got a good sense of humor, better still.

So when he made the following request this evening, I didn’t ask him why he thought of this, or try to dissuade him, other than to say it was too late to do it tonight.

“Mom, I was to go to the dollar store and buy a fake beard to wear to school, to see if the kids in my class will think I’m somebody else.”


2 thoughts on “Must Be My Genes

  1. I think kids are fascinated with going incognito. I know when my bro and I were kids, we used to fantasize about switching places and going to school as the other one — just to see if anyone would notice. Umm, he’s three years younger than me. And A BOY.

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