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Monday Wonders

Here are the key points for today’s meeting.

  • We weren’t able to find a beard at the dollar store. I know you find that hard to imagine, but I guess there just wasn’t enough room what with all the candles and knick-knacks and whathaveyou. We tried iParty but I’m not paying 8 bucks for my kid to pretend he’s not himself at school. So we’ll just have to leave this experiment on hold for now.
  • Interestingly, we ate dinner at my sister’s house last night and we watched Howl’s Moving Castle. One of the characters, Markl, is a young boy who wears a beard when he goes out in the town, and nobody sees past his disguise. We loved this movie, and now that we’ve seen this one and Spirited Away I have put the rest of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies in my Amazon “to buy” basket.
  • On the way to work I got to wondering…if I got rear-ended by a cement mixer and all the cement came pouring out on my car, and as I got out it got all over me, my hair, etc., how long would I have before my hair and clothes because encased in cement?
  • It’s “Deal or No Deal” night at my house. Jen and Steve (WXLO) interviewed Howie Mandell this morning, and I was thrilled when Steve asked the question I would have asked…Howie did memorize the names of the 26 girls, but they hold the same number case EACH time, so it’s easier to remember them all. I guess I hadn’t paid close enough attention to know that they are always in the same spot. Prior to today, I had hoped that he was just making up names on the fly, because that would be really funny. And now I have to pay closer attention because he has OCD and one of his things is that he doesn’t shake hands with anyone. Interesting problem for a game show host!
  • I did go to the Leominster Filene’s yesterday after getting my hair done and picked up a few things from the 80% off rack. Our store is not having a total clearance the way some of the others are. They are selling off the brands they won’t carry as Macy’s, but there is still a lot of regularly priced merchandise available. But I can say I got 2 pair of Lee jeans for six bucks each! Score! (I should go back and get more, eh?)

12 thoughts on “Monday Wonders

  1. My mom’s been on me to go to the Northshore Mall, because she says everything in their Filene’s is dirt cheap. But my grandma told me yesterday it’s mad picked over by now. Like I need more clothes (and shoes!). I will miss Valerie Stevens and Amanda Smith clothes.

    You guys are obsessed with DOND too??? It’s like crack for M and me.

    One more question: The 50-cent coffee place — was it called Tobacco Haven? We went up 13 on Saturday and went in there. Tons of Green Mountain, but it wasn’t 50 cents.

  2. Yes, that’s the place. Their sign out front (during the week, anyway) says 50 cents for a small. How much did you pay?

    (I’ll ask my co-worker who stops there for coffee if it went up).

  3. I’m sure I’ve seen a film where someone gets covered in cement in their car. I think the trick is to keep moving so it won’t set.

    You really must get hold of a beard for junior, you could post a picture and we’ll tell you if we recognise him!

  4. ok, I had to go create a whole blog thing, just so I could post one little silly message??? =)

    did you see Howie when he played on the celebrity poker tournament? he was too funny, he had a whole box of rubber gloves with him, he was wearing them, at one point almost everyone at the table was wearing them…

    ok, that’s all I had to say

  5. Is that Nicholle Nicholle, who has been MIA for so very long now? Or do we have a new Nicholle? I don’t watch those poker shows, but I was wondering if the reason he gave for not doing the glove thing on that Las Vegas show (blowing out a sinus) was true or not. Suddenly I’m all about Howie. “I sure wish we had some canned meat in here.”

    Okay, Anji, moving sounds important, but if it’s in my hair, how would you keep that moving? Plus I would think it wouldn’t matter if you kept moving after a point. I guess the most important thing would be to hose it off right away. I don’t want someone chipping at my head.

  6. Or you could have clicked the “other” button and just put in whatever name you wanted. I allow that, don’t I? (I’ll try it now.)

  7. I think you only have like 15 minutes – that’s why you always see some guy hosing down that trough thing when the cement truck is in action.

    So try to avoid getting cement poured on your head!

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