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Focus, People!

It’s warm out today. Too warm out. I can’t think of a single person who wants to be at work today. We are all slowly edging toward the door, coming up with reasons we need to step outside. I think at least 30 or 40 people will take up smoking just to go outside for smoke breaks. No, really.

So of course, the mundane day-to-day activities are just about going to kill me. Why no, I don’t feel like completing my time sheet, why do you ask? What? I won’t get paid if I don’t? Okay, I guess I’ll do it but I won’t like it.

Ya, that’ll get ’em. Make sure they know you’re doing something under protest. Unless they offer you a cupcake. If they offer you a cupcake, it’s all good. I’d do my time sheet twice for a cupcake!

Before I forget, yo [-Irwin from Billy and Mandy], that damned baking set they sell on commercial on Cartoon Network? The one where you can secretly stick something in the middle of a cake to spice up the lives of your loved ones? Okay, you folks suggest gelatin. If I EVER cut a piece of cake and half of it is a big quivery blob of gelatin, I am NOT EATING IT. I want my cake to be full of cake, okay?

(And something that occurred to me the other day…whatever happened to those triangle sandwich makers where you can make an apple pie with a piece of Wonder Bread and a can of pie filling? Are folks still using them to make an egg sandwich complete with Bacos(tm)? (Can you even imagine? “Add some egg, some cheese and sprinkle on some Bacos. Seal up the edges of your Wonder Bread and voila, you have a white guy breakfast sandwich! I have to tell you, part of me is really happy that I can’t think of the name of this product right now, but I suspect someone is going to remind me before the day is over.)


8 thoughts on “Focus, People!

  1. We had a sandwich maker when I worked in the bank, it went all gungy because no one bothered to clean it. I’d love a cheese sandwich with the edges sealed up. Oh, happy days.

  2. Know what I want? One of those toasters that poaches an egg on the side. I think I’ll drop my current toaster so I have an excuse to buy it.

  3. I’d like any kind of grilled cheese right now! And Barb, the egg poaching toaster is indeed intriguing, but I’m just not sure I need it. Is it really difficult to poach an egg? What about microwaving, like they do at Dunkin Donuts?

  4. My mom has the day off. I tried to call her about the birth of my girlfriend’s baby (more on that later), and the phone just rang and rang. I bet she’s out in the yard, that wench! I am so jealous.

  5. I went to work early 7ish and tried to get back early for the WX. Then talked to boss and he is heading BACK into the office at 2pm – ARGH – from his house. I left anyway and got home. Then had a call from work, so whipped computer out for few hours yet again – double argh – But at least I did the work with wind in my face from the window.
    Then went out for a “ride” with the windows down in the car and couldn’t even get out of my street. Traffic is a complete zoo all around town.
    Wife always wanted to buy those little grills and I keep talking her out of it. Last time I got her a Cuisinart top of the line from friend of mine that worked for them, she kept it a year and gave it away. Figured if she bought these, they would be gone in a bit. Novelty wears off fast.

  6. Who would put Jell-o inside a cake? What kind of an abomination is that? Do people put Jell-o in between the layers of a layer cake? I think that’s a sign that someone is from another planet.

  7. Sadly, I HAVE one of those sandwich maker thingeys. Haven’t used it in ages, but still have it. We liked to make little pizza sandwiches with them, that’s about all we ever used it for.

    And my grandmother actually DOES make a jello cake, a little different idea though-she pokes little holes all over the top of a yellow sheet cake, and pours strawberry or cherry jello over the top, so it kind of soaks into the cake, there aren’t any jiggly blobs of jello that you bite into.

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