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Facing the Important Decisions

I’m glad I’m not a politician or the President of a major corporation. Because I get mired in the mud of making simple decisions all the time. Some decisions I can make without a second thought. But when you find yourself unable to decide if you should cut your hair before vacation, you have a problem.

So here’s the thing – my looks okay right now. I’m not crazy about it, but it’s functional. (Heh). I love the way my current hairdresser colors it (although this last time we tried going darker and I don’t like it nearly as much) but I don’t think she can cut it at ALL. She is the winner of the “who can give Jody the oddest haircut ever” award for one she gave me about 3 months ago. So now I’m thinking I’ll just go to her for coloring and find someone else to give me cuts. Which is, by the way, a pain in the butt for me. But anyhoo…I have an appointment with her for the weekend before we go on vacation. I should probably get a cut between now and then, but I realized that I might want to put my hair in some kind of ponytail when we’re in Florida and right now it’s long enough to make one (just barely). So if I cut it at all, no ponytail. And that’s the current dilemma.

Do you see why you might not want to put me in charge of anything major?

Once I figure that out, I’ll work on the “should I bring a video camera or not” dilemma. (Video rocks, but that’s a whole extra piece of electronic equipment to keep track of, and really can only take one of them with me at a time if I don’t want to suffer back and shoulder problems. I’m old now, I have to be careful about how heavy my bag/purse/backpack is.)


5 thoughts on “Facing the Important Decisions

  1. Is this the same hairdresser who cut your bangs so short a while back? I’d wait to get a cut till you get home. The sun can be hard on colored hair. And, notice I used the “other” field below?

  2. Wife and daughter use Lisa Cormier next to Maddies.. happy with her. Otherwise this is out of my league..CU

  3. Okay Robin, you are banned from making hair style suggestions.

    Karen – you may be right. I can’t remember, actually. And I’ve only been seeing her for a few months. So are you saying don’t do my roots the week before I leave?

    Jerry, what is Maddies?

  4. It’s the Italian restaurant across the street from the plastic museum on rt117. I think it’s one of the best around and never too busy not to get service.
    Used to be called Bobby Chic’s..

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