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Breaking News!

Mr. Dump just let me knowthat the Southbound rest area on 495 (Chelmsford?) is temprarily closed because it’s poop covered. He started smelling the poop when he got off of Route 3 onto 495 South. That’s a lot of poop smell.

He said there are two big tanker trucks and everything looks “wet”. Oh my God, I can only imagine what it smells like.

So if you’re travelling, pee before you leave, okay?


4 thoughts on “Breaking News!

  1. Glad I only go as far as Westford.. Although last week I got stuck behind an accident on 2 and Jackson, I went 110 to 2A and the backup through AYR was even worse. From now on will do 110 to 117 in evening if 2 is closed.

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