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Tri-Town Drive-In – Not Dead Yet!

[Update: There’s ANOTHER article in the paper today that says the owner of the drive-in hasn’t even been approached to sell it. Okay, it’s all confusing legal mumbo jumbo for the planning board, but apparently this is not a done deal and the drive-in will open this summer if it’s not sold. I’m happy to post this correction!]

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Okay, color me a little shocked. I didn’t realize that when Tri-Town closed for the season last year it was closing forever. We took the kids there a bunch of times, did the whole lawn-chair and blankets thing, and just generally had a great time. And today’s Telegiraffe and Gazelle has a story that doesn’t say anything about them closing, just that there’s a 204-apartment development proposed for the Tri Town Drive-In site. So one can only assume if there’s a proposal before the planning board that the drive in is dead and buried, no?

This totally and completely stinks. One more fun thing that I was able to pass on to my son from my own childhood that is going to be bulldozed for housing.

I’m so depressed.


6 thoughts on “Tri-Town Drive-In – Not Dead Yet!

  1. Whalom Park, now the drive in. IDIOTS! I know it’s a bit of a hike but the Mendon Drive In is still around.

    Hey, I think Leominster Christine was on Mike yesterday making a request for “I hate everthing about you” for her ex.

  2. THAT WAS ME! Holy crap, Sharon. I can’t listen the radio all day, so I wasn’t sure they were gonna play it. I have several bad exes, all many years in the past, so why single one out? Coool.

    Sad about the drive-in. I have fond memories of watching Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Wareham drive-in. Now it’s a driving range. Sigh.

  3. Wait, are you kidding me? Sharon heard someone from Leominster named Christine calling in a request and assumed it was you…and it was? Holy crap!

    And Christine, how do they handle requests if they are “on shuffle” all the time?

  4. You call 866-921-MIKE and leave a message. You can also leave one of those silly messages — a la “Mike, you’re so sexy — there, too.

    Weird, huh? I figured I’d keep the request vague so no one got offended. Some people went ape on certain people, tho. Mean.

  5. Yes, I have Mike on streaming media at work and I heard “Hi Mike this is Christine from Leominster and I would like to request…” And I was like, hey, Leominster Christine, I bet it’s the same person as on BDT because someone who blogs is the same type of person who would call a radio station and make a request. It’s funny that it was.

  6. I can’t believe it….Tri-Town is dead. I remember when I was in college (early 80’s) they had the X type rated films. Whalom had the regulard type. Milford, NH also has a drive-in!
    I also go to the Wilton Town Hall Theatre and have done so for years.

    Damn Damn Damn about Tri-town. When I was in my mid-20’s I always dreamed of buying a drive-in and installing condom machines in the bathroom(way before they were ever invented!!) Think of how many ‘accidents’ that would have prevented. And my mother always told me “you weren’t an accident, you were a MISTAKE!”. Love you too, Mom.

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