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Thoughts and Prayers

There are a couple of people (like 5 or so) from my high school class who I’ve always wondered about…wondered what happened to them after high school, where they ended up, what they are doing. I didn’t have a lot of close friends in high school, but I was a fringe member of a group of kids who did theater and and seemed to end up in the same college prep classes.

But those folks aren’t signed up with so every once in a while, like when my classmate Tony died in January, I think about them and continue to wonder.

I hate to say that I found out the hard way today where one of them lives, because her dad was the man who died in the fire yesterday. So even though she probably doesn’t read this website, probably doesn’t know that she’s on my list of people that I wish I’d kept in touch with, I just wanted to set out my thoughts and prayers to the Dunn family.