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TGI Bacon Day!

It’s bacon day again! Yay! (Bacon day…you know, bacon day. Every Friday the cafeteria has a “by the ounce” breakfast buffet thingy and you can fill a container with crispy bacon for 40 cents an ounce. Bacon is light, and you can get quite a bit of it for 2 bucks. I’m just saying.)

Had my follow-up eye appointment. Still have some infection, a little bit of swelling (this morning it’s in one place over my left eye making me look like I lost a prize fight or something), so I’m to keep taking the drops and if it’s not completely gone by then, I’ll have another followup appointment on March 3rd. I’m hoping to be able to cancel it, to be honest. I am so OVER this.

I ran into one of my neighbors in the waiting room, and when I said I was there because of an infection he said he was too…but that he’d been dealing with it since June. I will shoot myself. I have to assume it’s not the same infection, though. Maybe his was an infection related to contacts or surgery or something. Please let that be the case.

Then while in with my doctor he mentioned I’m the 4th person he saw today with an eye infection of this type. So it sounds like this is the 2006 version of the flu for some of us. At least I feel less alone. And I won’t take good eye health for granted in the future!