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Suspend Disbelief, Yo

I just wrote a really intense and scholarly sentence to start this paragraph but I erased it because I am about to talk about Gilligan’s Island and I don’t think you can use intense and scholarly sentences to talk about Gilligan’s Island. It forms a black hole that sucks all matter into itself and then you can’t talk about Gilligan’s Island any more. And I don’t want to be in that kind of world.

So I’m sitting here, eating leftover snack foods from our trip to the movies yesterday (more on that later) and pondering the meaning of life. That happened after I wandered through the back yard with a shovel picking up dog crap. Dog crap makes you ponder the meaning of life. It also makes you ponder why you didn’t pick it up while there was still snow on the ground because, dayam, it would have been MUCH easier to do on the snow.

So anyway, what I was thinking about it my favorite moments from Gilligan’s Island. The scenes that I consider the best. In no particular order, I give you:

  • When they were sitting there dialing the phone trying to call someone for help. I’m not sure why they were dialing random numbers, but I guess all that time on the island had given them all phone number amnesia.
  • When Gilligan is flying around with the jet pack. That’s cool. Jet packs are cool.
  • When they were all bad guys/spies and the makeup compact and the soup ladle were communications devices, and Gilligan had the special lip protectors so the poison lipstick couldn’t hurt him. That episode rocked.
  • Radioactive veggie seeds. So many different reasons this one rocks, there isn’t enough room to list them all.
  • The episode where they make the silent movie. The image that sticks in my head is when the tripod holding the camera sinks lower and lower and they all just crouch down to stay on camera.

And your favorites?


6 thoughts on “Suspend Disbelief, Yo

  1. When Gilligan’s tooth was a radio.

    When Gilligan was the Island King and he had to order people around by saying “Poo, poolou-c pakumba”.

    The Dr. Jekyll episode when Gilligan switched whenever someone said “fresh fish”.

  2. I liked when there was someone flying overhead and they tried to spell out “help” with flaming logs. Gilligan kicked one and it said “hello.” Or something like that.

    Be glad your dog isn’t a killer, Jody. That Lunenburg story is some pretty scary stuff. M and I were talking about it yesterday, and while it seems like a freaky thing, those people are just going to have to move away.

  3. The radio tooth! Classic! I always wanted that to happen to me when I was a kid.

    Christine, how close is that neighborhood to where your in-laws live? It sounded like this side of town. I think it’s horrifying. I am terrified of dogs, which is why I never wanted one. People who try to convince me that this kind of dog, or pit bulls, or dobies are harmless are delusional. I’ve been attacked by a doberman. I don’t need to be attacked by anything else. I got my hair cut and colored last week and one of the stylists owns a pit bull, and she has a 6 year old. And their are other pit bulls in her neighborhood. I didn’t even want to hear about it. They are just an attack waiting to happen. If someone’s dog ever harmed or killed my child, I would kill the dog and then have the owner tried for murder. Period.

  4. I’m not sure where the kid was — they said they weren’t releasing the info? As you know, I was bitten by a golden retreiver, so breed is irrelevant if the dog has a certain temperment. There’s a pit in my neighborhood, and he’s supposed to be a nice dog, but at the end of the day, they are animals. You can’t predict or completely control their behavior. All dogs have the capability of biting.

  5. Correction: I just looked at the Sentinel story, and there is an address. That’s pretty freakin’ near my in-laws’ house (shudder). That poor kid.

    As for your instinct: When that golden bit me, he says good thing he wasn’t standing there. He said he would have easily killed it with his bare hands. And this was just a bite on the hand.

  6. When they thought the island was sinking, and it turned out Gilligan was using the Professor’s measuring stick as an anchor for his lobster traps.

    The Mosquitos!

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