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STILL Not Better

Oh man, my eyes are just not getting any better. I guess I’m going to have to call the opthamologist tomorrow and ask if there should be some improvement by now. I assumed that after 4 days on the steroid drops I’d be looking and feeling better, but I look and feel exactly the same. Well, add on a sore throat and my ear bothering me (they may be connected, but I don’t know if it’s an earache making the throat hurt or the throat making the ear hurt.

And we’re getting 20 inches of snow today.

If you need me, I think I’ll be in bed.


5 thoughts on “STILL Not Better

  1. Sorry, Jody. 🙁 Today is my dad’s birthday, and we were supposed to take him to the Hardcover in Danvers at 3. But we had to bail due to the weather. According to Channel 7, we’ve got 16 inches of snow already, and where my parents live has a foot. Should stop in a few hours. Damn, it be cold too.

    I do have some big purchase news to keep myself warm…we bought a car yesterday.

  2. Sorry you missed out on celebrating your dad’s birthday…cool on the new car! Are you afraid to take it out in this weather, though?

  3. Yeah, I wanted to wait a few more months to buy it, but hubby was pushing hard. And considering his health issues, I said, what-ever.

  4. I thought of you straight away when I saw all that snow on our news report. Hope you are all warm and safe. Any progress with the eyes?

  5. Found your most enjoyable site while researching the name of the guy who used to do the traffic reports for WHDH TV (who always razzed the Boston cops for their being the primary reason traffic was almost going backwards it was so slow…because THEY were parked at the merge point of the on ramp — DUH! Do you remember his name??)

    Anyway, have been reading up on your eye thing. I had it too and Dr. said LOTS of it going around. I got ointment instead of drops. Used it about 3 times because, first, it is almost impossible to get it IN your eyes, second, if you DO get the squiggle in it usually blops right out (that’s a very technical medical term, BTW)and melts all over your cheek. Then if you not only get it in and manage to keep it there, it melts all over your eye, oozes out to your lashes, and makes you look like a bleary-eyed addict. Plus it is impossible to see anything until you wipe your eyes enough to clear the haze. And that means you’ve probably wiped all the benefits away. To do this 4 times daily?? I don’t THINK so! Now it looks like mine is also partly a stress-related flare-up of a peculiar form of dermatitis so I can take pills instead — HOORAY, I think.

    Probably more info than you want or need, but thought I’d be some company for your misery to love.

    LOVE your blog!

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