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Soup Design Flaw

I was very excited to try Campbell’s “Soup at Hand(r)” soup, chicken with mini-noodles flavor. You are supposed to just heat and sip it through a little hole in the lid. For this reason, instead of the way cool long noodles their standard canned soup comes with, this one was full of little round noodles. Have you ever had Spaghettios? Okay, well you know how there are three sizes of Os? Well they used the tiny ones in this soup.

So okay, I get over that initial disappointment. The next disappointment is the consistency. This soup is wayyyy too thick. It’s like the canned soup if you forget to put in a can of water. That’s just too much soup for my taste. So now I’ve heated up a can of thick soup filled with little mini Os.

And you’re supposed to just sip this soup, no spoon needed. But low and behold, when you’ve run out of the broth pudding (okay, it’s not that bad but doesn’t that paint a pretty picture?), there’s a stack of noodle Os left at the bottom of the cup! How am I supposed to sip that?!

I can’t. I’m only human. I have to go get a spoon.

Do you see what I mean? And that was only about 1/3 of what was left in the can.

I’m so disappointed. Mmm Mmm Good my butt!


5 thoughts on “Soup Design Flaw

  1. I stick with the old fashion metal can stuff, get more for your $$. Doesnt bother me to bring a dish to work and opener..

    Just vote with your pocket book and don’t buy it anymore and complain on their web site. You might get something in return.

    I got free dinner at Longhorns after a nite of poor service by complaining through the web site.

  2. I’m new here, I somehow stumbled onto your site. Very interesting. I’ve never tried the “soup at hand” stuff, knowing my luck, i would burn the crap out of my mouth and dump it all over my clothes and then bloat up like a beached whale because of the salt content.

    Can I ask, why do you call your husband Mr. Dump?

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