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Punished with the Pink Eye

I don’t know that I actually have “pinkeye” because my doctor says if you only have the problem in one eye it usually isn’t. And I don’t have ALL the pinkeye symptoms, so maybe he’s right. But my eye was crusted shut this morning, is all red, with dark red eyelids, and it’s itchy and hurty and kind of feels like I’ve been sobbing my eyes out for days. And itchy and hurty. Don’t forget that.

So I don’t know where this came from. The only answer, then, is that God is punishing me for something. I just need to figure out what. The only cartoon I’ve created recently is a lovely drawing of Ricky Ricotta from the back of one of Junior’s books (it shows you how to draw the characters, step-by-step) but I don’t think any major religions consider Mr. Ricotta (or his giant robot) a prophet. I could be wrong, of course.

Let’s see, anything else you need to know? Oh right, I almost forgot…there’s another item that we may have to add to the “Things Jody Loves that they Discontinue” list. I have to do more research, but all the grocery stores I’ve visited in the past few weeks have stopped carrying a product I really love – Cremora Royale. It’s plastic coffee creamer, but you have to believe me when I tell you that Mr. Dump used to put it in my coffee sometimes and I couldn’t tell if he’d used half-and-half or not. That’s the mark of a fine product. And because we don’t make coffee at home very much any more, we don’t buy half-and-half, and if there’s no half-and-half, I can’t make coffee at home even if I want to. We used up the Royale we had so I need a new container…and can’t find one. So I’m going to search it out on the web, hoping that the fact that it’s not on my local shelves doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.


2 thoughts on “Punished with the Pink Eye

  1. Sorry about your eye irritation, Jody. Did you rub your eye with something on your hand? That’s all I can think of.

    I once hit myself in the eye with one of those monga plastic tags they put on clothes for inventory control. I couldn’t get my contacts in for days, so it spurred me to get new glasses made, which I am now glad I have. Technically, you’re supposed to take your contacts out after work and wear your glasses around the house, because you’re basically robbing your eyeball of oxygen. But I don’t. They’re still a good backup.

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Cremora Royale has been discontinued. A company called Dean Foods bought the Cremora company and, in their infinite wisdom, discontinued the best product they had. There was so much screaming about it, they have put the “Royale” taste in the original Cremora. It is, of course, the consistency of sand like the original Cremora, but it does have a little of the taste. The great, rich Cremora Royale that, when whipped, could pass for whipped cream, is gone – unless we yell loud enough for them to bring it back.

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