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Month: February, 2006

But It Can’t Be Over Already!?

Dang, the whole holiday is almost over. I hate that. It is so cool to have a 3-day weekend looming before you, like a big shimmery mirage when you’re walking through the desert. The desert of work and February. Not walking through dessert, because that would be cool, unless it was cherries jubilee because that would be hot. (What is cherries jubilee? It looks like flaming cherry pie filling, which is what I figure it tastes like. But anything with “jubilee” in the name can’t be all bad. I’ll bet if Charles Manson’s middle name was Jubilee he’d have gone into another line of work. Maybe open a soft serve ice cream stand shaped like a cone. Ya, that’s what C. Jubilee Manson would have done with his life.)

What was I talking about?

Oh, Monday is over. That sucks. Junior is on vacation this week and I want to be on vacation with him, but I can’t afford to, because we have about 3 weeks to pay for the rest of vacation. And I do want to go on that vacation, trust me. I’m counting the minutes; but it would be nice to have a couple of days off right about now. And of course, I want to do it with Junior.

Oh, and someone finally lost one of his front teeth. Jeez, the kid is 8 already! C’mon, teeth! (Okay, I’m lying. I don’t want him to get his adult teeth. I like his baby teeth just fine. They’re cute and small and don’t require orthadonture of any kind.)


Open Letter to Scott McClellen

I just read on CNN that Scott McClellen (who, I will disclose upfront, I greatly dislike, to put it mildly) said the following to the press:
“I think the American people are looking at this and saying, ‘Enough already. Let’s focus on the priorities that are most important to this nation,’ ” Scott McClellan said, urging reporters not to “overanalyze” the situation. “If there’s additional information the vice president’s office thinks is appropriate to share, I’m sure they will.”

Scott, if this wasn’t a family-friendly site, I’d tell you fill-in-the-blank yourself. We are saying “enough already” but we’re saying it about this administration’s inability to be upfront and honest with us in a timely manner. We’re sick to death of the secrecy, lies and everything else that hovers around the White House like the smell of fresh manure on a warm day. And if we wait for the vice president’s office to “share” things with us, we will be old and gray and wondering what on earth happened to the United States before the totalitarian overlords of the W regime destroyed all that was worthy and good. Because Dick Cheney doesn’t share anything with anyone, including his lackey George W.

So shut the hell up, would you?



TGI Bacon Day!

It’s bacon day again! Yay! (Bacon day…you know, bacon day. Every Friday the cafeteria has a “by the ounce” breakfast buffet thingy and you can fill a container with crispy bacon for 40 cents an ounce. Bacon is light, and you can get quite a bit of it for 2 bucks. I’m just saying.)

Had my follow-up eye appointment. Still have some infection, a little bit of swelling (this morning it’s in one place over my left eye making me look like I lost a prize fight or something), so I’m to keep taking the drops and if it’s not completely gone by then, I’ll have another followup appointment on March 3rd. I’m hoping to be able to cancel it, to be honest. I am so OVER this.

I ran into one of my neighbors in the waiting room, and when I said I was there because of an infection he said he was too…but that he’d been dealing with it since June. I will shoot myself. I have to assume it’s not the same infection, though. Maybe his was an infection related to contacts or surgery or something. Please let that be the case.

Then while in with my doctor he mentioned I’m the 4th person he saw today with an eye infection of this type. So it sounds like this is the 2006 version of the flu for some of us. At least I feel less alone. And I won’t take good eye health for granted in the future!


What’s Bubbling in My Mind

Still pinky-eyed. They do look better after I’ve been up for a while, though, so I have that going for me. I assume the people at work all figure I’m drunk or on drugs or something. I suppose I am, if you consider eye drops a drug. I have them all lined up on my desk, on display, so that maybe people will get the hint. I suppose I could start moaning and saying “oh, my eyes!” every once in a while but I don’t want to be completely shunned.

We were watching some of the Olympic coverage last night, including the men’s short program. Boy, the outfits are getting more and more interesting, aren’t they? What’s with all the cut-outs? I’ve seen less skin on Lil Kim than some of those guys. And please, does anyone thing Dick Button was kind of loopy last night? Did he mean to compare that one guy’s costume to his dining room curtains on camera? I noticed it was pretty quiet after that, so I assume everyone was laughing and they muted them all. Mr. Dump and I actually blipped back on the Tivo to hear it again…that’s some great television right there. Just say what we’re all thinking, Dick!

I don’t normally follow men’s skating, but I really like the ‘tude of that American kid, Johnny Weir. He strikes me as someone who got bullied a lot growing up and he’s not going to take it anymore. He’s going to be himself and screw anyone who doesn’t like it. Well you know what? I like it. I like you, kid, I hope you win. I hope the new scoring system lets you shine because they can’t do that Gawd-awful “it wasn’t his turn to win because he hasn’t paid his dues on the circuit” bullcrap that the old scoring system used to do. You know, how the favorites always won because if you weren’t one of the favorites you scored unfairly low. Good luck, Johnny, I’ll be rooting for you!


Day 7: Slight Improvement?

I think I’m on the upswing with the eye thing. I called the doctor yesterday just to ask if I should be concerned that I hadn’t seen ANY improvement since my visit on Thursday, and he gave me a piece of information that he’d neglected to mention when I was there…it takes 7-10 days for this kind of viral infection to run its course. There is no medication to help it, unless the infection is caused by the same herpes virus that gives you cold sores, and if I had that one my eyes would have sores on them. So thank God for small miracles. But this morning I think they look a little better, less swollen, and one of them was significantly less goopy. (Is that too much information?) And I did get hit with this last Wednesday, so this is day 7-ish. I guess I only have a couple more days to put up with it.

On the other hand, the cold symptoms don’t seem to be improving and are getting worse. I’m psyched. Cause if I have to be ill in one area of my body, I want to be sick in ALL of them. Earache, sore throat, c’mon, I can take ’em all.


How To Politely Turn Down Cheney’s Invite to Go Hunting

“Sweet baby Jesus, are you kidding? I’ve got too much to live for!”


STILL Not Better

Oh man, my eyes are just not getting any better. I guess I’m going to have to call the opthamologist tomorrow and ask if there should be some improvement by now. I assumed that after 4 days on the steroid drops I’d be looking and feeling better, but I look and feel exactly the same. Well, add on a sore throat and my ear bothering me (they may be connected, but I don’t know if it’s an earache making the throat hurt or the throat making the ear hurt.

And we’re getting 20 inches of snow today.

If you need me, I think I’ll be in bed.


Not Better Yet

[Crap, I had a whole huge post and when I tried to upload the new smaller version of the eye movie Firefox crapped the bed and shut down and I lost my post. BOO! Well now it’s up. 740K or so. It might work better if you right click and save to your computer before running it.]

I’m starting to get depressed. I don’t think my eyes are any better today than they were Wednesday or Thursday. Shouldn’t I be seeing some improvement? And to top it off, my throat is getting scratchy/sore so something else is brewing. Fantastic. I want to be sick and have swollen icky eyes. I guess the Rhino treatment didn’t really work.

I sent the boys off to ski without me today. Junior has his lesson (which is either his last or next to last class, I can’t remember) and Mr. Dump will buy a half day pass. They called to tell me it’s absolutely gorgeous out there and snow looks amazing. Great, glad I’m missing it! Instead, I can play “fight the crowds for the last loaf of bread” at the grocery store. Maybe I can touch my eye and then touch stuff so that nobody will fight me for it. Bwa ha ha ha.

Actually, maybe I’ll go to Target instead. They have some of the stuff I need, and maybe the crowds won’t be as bad. They couldn’t be worse, right? And then I can get a Starbucks Cafe Mocha to walk around with as a consolation prize.


Modern Day Medical Treatment

I videotaped the medical treatment I received today, and I turned it into an animated GIF so you can view it right in your browser window. It’s less than 1.5 meg.

Medical Treatment Movie

(Oh, okay, the “after” is from a old photo. Just to be upfront.)


Not Better Yet

I did see my regular doctor yesterday, who didn’t have to look very long or hard to say that I probably wasn’t having allergy problems. No kidding. I have the eyes of the undead. Little children run and hide. People at work give me double-takes. That’s the hardest one to deal with. I feel like such a freak. If they’re giving me double takes, I want it to be for something other than my blood red eyes.

So he gave me drops and said he didn’t know if they’d help because he assumes I have a form of viral conjunctivitis. I said I didn’t care what he gave me as long as it gave me some relief. The burning and itching were driving me crazy by then, especially because it was moving into the other eye. He said it looked like my right eye was a little swollen (I could have told you that. In fact, I believe I did.) and I might have to go to an opthamologist to get steriods to deal with the swelling. He told me if I wasn’t better by Friday I should call one for an appointment.

Well, I’m calling one today. My right eye was so swollen this morning that it looked flat from my cheek up to my eyebrow…as if there was no eye socket. It’s a little better now because I’ve been putting cold compresses on them, but it is affecting my vision and I’m a little afraid to drive all the way to work in case it actually gets worse. That’s all I need is to be stuck in New Hampshire with my eyes swollen shut.

So there you go. Another fun day of eye problems. I tried to take a photo with my camera and I made a point to turn on the red eye reduction feature but damned if my eyes aren’t still horribly red. Stupid camera.