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Soup Design Flaw

I was very excited to try Campbell’s “Soup at Hand(r)” soup, chicken with mini-noodles flavor. You are supposed to just heat and sip it through a little hole in the lid. For this reason, instead of the way cool long noodles their standard canned soup comes with, this one was full of little round noodles. Have you ever had Spaghettios? Okay, well you know how there are three sizes of Os? Well they used the tiny ones in this soup.

So okay, I get over that initial disappointment. The next disappointment is the consistency. This soup is wayyyy too thick. It’s like the canned soup if you forget to put in a can of water. That’s just too much soup for my taste. So now I’ve heated up a can of thick soup filled with little mini Os.

And you’re supposed to just sip this soup, no spoon needed. But low and behold, when you’ve run out of the broth pudding (okay, it’s not that bad but doesn’t that paint a pretty picture?), there’s a stack of noodle Os left at the bottom of the cup! How am I supposed to sip that?!

I can’t. I’m only human. I have to go get a spoon.

Do you see what I mean? And that was only about 1/3 of what was left in the can.

I’m so disappointed. Mmm Mmm Good my butt!

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If I Can Just Get Through Today and Tomorrow…

…it will be the weekend again! I’m SO done with this week. It’s a short week but it is dragging its butt. I hate that. I would like to have a conversation with this week about it.

Me: You know, it feels like it should be Friday.

Week: Wha?

Me: Well, it seems like I’ve already put in enough time that the weekend should start tomorrow.
Week: Huh, oh sorry. I’m exhausted, so I’m just running in slow motion.

Me: Well cut it out! You should be fast! I want the week to end.

Week: Why, what’s your hurry?

Me: I’m tired of February, for one thing. After this week, it’s only 2 business days until March. March is our reward for making it through January and February. Spring starts in March.

Week: *Yawn*

Me: Dude, I’m talking to you!

Week: Whatever. Hey, is it bacon day yet?

Me: *sigh*

See, even the week looks forward to bacon day. But it’s not bacon day yet, and I wanted bacon this morning something fierce. So that just put me in a mood because I can’t have it until tomorrow. You know, it occurs to me if the cafeteria ever stops having their little buffet thingy on Fridays that the whole building will go on strike. That’s how much people like bacon day.

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How to Tick Me Off Big Time

I had a very odd dream last night. I dreamt that Junior and I went to this veggie stand/dollar store type place. I know where it was supposed to be, but a store like that does not exist at this location. Be that as it may, we were there, and when we came out, our car was gone. Apparently it was stolen, and the cop yelled at me for not locking my doors. Even though, locked doors or not, people shouldn’t steal cars.

Fast forward to this morning, when Mr. Dump comes in the house and asks me if I went into his glove box last night. I know he knows I didn’t. Yup, someone went into our cars in our driveway, and took things like phone and iPod chargers, and our iTrips (the little thingy you put on your iPod to play the music on the radio). I don’t think they took anything else from mine, unless it was a CD or something, but I don’t keep much in there normally. Mr. Dump had more stuff taken (my iPod charger was kind of hidden by a bag of trash. Yea messy me!).

And of course, this happened because we didn’t lock the doors. Not that it should matter, because people shouldn’t be coming on to my property to take things from my car. But how odd was it to have that dream last night, and then this morning discover that the next best thing to stealing the car happened? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

And it’s not like I can afford to replace the stuff right now. Oh, and of course, my irrational fear of people breaking into the house is now set to 11. It appears Junior has a little of that in him, unfortunately, because I think he’s going to panic about people being in the house now. I feel the same way, but I have to be all brave and stuff so maybe his phobia won’t be as bad as mine.

I hate people sometimes.

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Tri-Town Drive-In – Not Dead Yet!

[Update: There’s ANOTHER article in the paper today that says the owner of the drive-in hasn’t even been approached to sell it. Okay, it’s all confusing legal mumbo jumbo for the planning board, but apparently this is not a done deal and the drive-in will open this summer if it’s not sold. I’m happy to post this correction!]

For the next 14 days you can read the story at

Previous Entry:
Okay, color me a little shocked. I didn’t realize that when Tri-Town closed for the season last year it was closing forever. We took the kids there a bunch of times, did the whole lawn-chair and blankets thing, and just generally had a great time. And today’s Telegiraffe and Gazelle has a story that doesn’t say anything about them closing, just that there’s a 204-apartment development proposed for the Tri Town Drive-In site. So one can only assume if there’s a proposal before the planning board that the drive in is dead and buried, no?

This totally and completely stinks. One more fun thing that I was able to pass on to my son from my own childhood that is going to be bulldozed for housing.

I’m so depressed.