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On the iPod

For lack of real content, I’ll provide you with some filler material today. I know you want to know what’s on the old iPod for your “Be Like Jody Day” day. I’ll break it down into to categories: What is physically playing right now, and what shows up as the top 5 most played songs.

Now Playing: Death Cab for Cutie’s CD “Plans.”

Top Five Most Played: Oh crap, I can’t tell which ones are the top five. My “most played” playlist has 25 items in it and I think it’s sorted by date added, not by number of plays. I’ll have to look in iTunes when I get home to see the exact number of plays.

Also, here is a picture I “painted” using the oil brush tool in Paint Shop Pro. I am in artiste mode, apparently.

Lastly, to add to the list of items that I like that may be discontinued add L’Oreal’s Airwear Concealer. I can’t find it in my normal haunts, and it didn’t look like CVS had an empty space where it would have been. Grrr.


2 thoughts on “On the iPod

  1. Hubby bought me a Dell DJ for my birthday in November. After living in fear of it (I was completely intimidated), I started loading CDs on it and am now hooked. I want to get an adapter for the new Camry to avoid having to port CDs all over the damn place. The iPod-like product, as we call it, certainly makes his treatments fly by.

    Don’t you hate when they discontinue products you like? There’s always eBay…

    And BTW, I had to go to my insurance agent this morning (Choice) and drove by our friend Tri-Town. It looks like it always looks in the winter. The phone is “temporarily disconnected,” but I can see them doing that in the winter.

  2. Oh you have to have a little portable source of music. And Mr. Dump is going on a business trip and is going to take my Archos, which has at least a few CDs that he doesn’t hate loaded on it, along with a whole mess of tv shows and a couple of movies. Of course iTunes made their videos incompatible with other viewers, so we can’t download/buy them there but the whole point of the Archos is that you can record right off the television. So he’s got handheld movies for the trip, with a bigger screen than the iPod Video units.

    Of course the Archos mostly has cartoons on it right now, but nothing wrong with watching Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends on the plane.
    “I like cereal.”
    “Si, and I like potatoes.”

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