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Not Better Yet

[Crap, I had a whole huge post and when I tried to upload the new smaller version of the eye movie Firefox crapped the bed and shut down and I lost my post. BOO! Well now it’s up. 740K or so. It might work better if you right click and save to your computer before running it.]

I’m starting to get depressed. I don’t think my eyes are any better today than they were Wednesday or Thursday. Shouldn’t I be seeing some improvement? And to top it off, my throat is getting scratchy/sore so something else is brewing. Fantastic. I want to be sick and have swollen icky eyes. I guess the Rhino treatment didn’t really work.

I sent the boys off to ski without me today. Junior has his lesson (which is either his last or next to last class, I can’t remember) and Mr. Dump will buy a half day pass. They called to tell me it’s absolutely gorgeous out there and snow looks amazing. Great, glad I’m missing it! Instead, I can play “fight the crowds for the last loaf of bread” at the grocery store. Maybe I can touch my eye and then touch stuff so that nobody will fight me for it. Bwa ha ha ha.

Actually, maybe I’ll go to Target instead. They have some of the stuff I need, and maybe the crowds won’t be as bad. They couldn’t be worse, right? And then I can get a Starbucks Cafe Mocha to walk around with as a consolation prize.