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Kids, They Are Funny

At about 6pm last night Junior asked Mr. Dump if we could change the channel to Cartoon Network. Such a silly child.

It got cold again. I just know that this stupid weather is going to make me sick. I was outside, doing yard work practically naked (okay, I wasn’t really. But my coat was unzipped) and the boom, I drove to work through what looked like a snow globe. I am done with winter. Too many 50 degree days. I just want to get spring started up and not look back.

Junior had a run-in with a baseball in the back yard and got a bloody lip. I keep trying to tell him that this is the kind of thing that happens in baseball if you don’t move quickly enough…someone could hit a line drive and you have to get the glove in front of your face fast. (This wasn’t a line drive, he was just playing catch and we weren’t even throwing it hard.) He’s okay, it sort of knocked into the tooth that was already loose, so I told him we could just keep throwing baseballs at him until the tooth comes out. I mean, the kid is 8 and he’s only lost 2 teeth so far? Once he calmed down from the blood, he got all upset again when he realized that Phantom, King of the Chews, had started ripping/eating the cover off his baseball. His souvenir Disney baseball from our last trip. Oh, the sobbing. Luckily, I told him that in exactly 12 weeks, I would personally replace the baseball. So I guess the first order of business in Florida is to hit the Star Tours gift shop at Disney MGM. Oy.