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Jodo Likes Moho

Okay, that was a crappy title. I’ve been searching for animation software for a while. Something that would “fill in the blanks” as it were. You know, sort of like Flash does, filling in the blanks between A and B without me having to do it. Because I don’t have the energy to fill in all the blanks.

I’ve been looking for a tool out there that is in my budget (let’s say no more than a hundred bucks, better at 50 or less) but does what I want. I think maybe I found something in my search. It’s called Moho and it’s by a company called Lost Marble. I’m playing with the trial version and I can save my files in color with their logo all over it, or as a Flash file but it only saves my drawings in black and white. I will share my first effort with you in Flash format because it is a way smaller file. The background is still in color, because it’s a photo that I put in. So forgive the amateur nature of my work, but hey, I only downloaded the software an hour before I saved this file.

Oh, and to register it costs $100, so that’s good too!

Click to view my file

Okay, and to show how someone could REALLY use this software, here’s a video someone else made as part of a contest run on the support forum for the software. It’s FANTASTIC, and safe for the kids. In fact, I think the kids will dig it.