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If I Can Just Get Through Today and Tomorrow…

…it will be the weekend again! I’m SO done with this week. It’s a short week but it is dragging its butt. I hate that. I would like to have a conversation with this week about it.

Me: You know, it feels like it should be Friday.

Week: Wha?

Me: Well, it seems like I’ve already put in enough time that the weekend should start tomorrow.
Week: Huh, oh sorry. I’m exhausted, so I’m just running in slow motion.

Me: Well cut it out! You should be fast! I want the week to end.

Week: Why, what’s your hurry?

Me: I’m tired of February, for one thing. After this week, it’s only 2 business days until March. March is our reward for making it through January and February. Spring starts in March.

Week: *Yawn*

Me: Dude, I’m talking to you!

Week: Whatever. Hey, is it bacon day yet?

Me: *sigh*

See, even the week looks forward to bacon day. But it’s not bacon day yet, and I wanted bacon this morning something fierce. So that just put me in a mood because I can’t have it until tomorrow. You know, it occurs to me if the cafeteria ever stops having their little buffet thingy on Fridays that the whole building will go on strike. That’s how much people like bacon day.


3 thoughts on “If I Can Just Get Through Today and Tomorrow…

  1. I was only in the office three days this week due to the holiday and hubby’s treatment on Tuesday. Short weeks stink. I’ve been working 10-hour days and fell asleep before I watched the end of the figure skating last night. Da-yam. I was ticked.

  2. Well, if you get the headlines on Yahoo you had no need to watch the Olympics this whole week! Convenient!

    Mmmm, it’s bacon day!

  3. I was tired from traveling around last weekend.
    High School kids coming back from London and Italy this weekend. When I went to HS, we barely went around the block.
    For bacon fits I grab a egg sandwidth and bacon at the usual donut stops, dunkin, luvin, dozen etc.. Enough donuts places already…

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