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How to Tick Me Off Big Time

I had a very odd dream last night. I dreamt that Junior and I went to this veggie stand/dollar store type place. I know where it was supposed to be, but a store like that does not exist at this location. Be that as it may, we were there, and when we came out, our car was gone. Apparently it was stolen, and the cop yelled at me for not locking my doors. Even though, locked doors or not, people shouldn’t steal cars.

Fast forward to this morning, when Mr. Dump comes in the house and asks me if I went into his glove box last night. I know he knows I didn’t. Yup, someone went into our cars in our driveway, and took things like phone and iPod chargers, and our iTrips (the little thingy you put on your iPod to play the music on the radio). I don’t think they took anything else from mine, unless it was a CD or something, but I don’t keep much in there normally. Mr. Dump had more stuff taken (my iPod charger was kind of hidden by a bag of trash. Yea messy me!).

And of course, this happened because we didn’t lock the doors. Not that it should matter, because people shouldn’t be coming on to my property to take things from my car. But how odd was it to have that dream last night, and then this morning discover that the next best thing to stealing the car happened? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

And it’s not like I can afford to replace the stuff right now. Oh, and of course, my irrational fear of people breaking into the house is now set to 11. It appears Junior has a little of that in him, unfortunately, because I think he’s going to panic about people being in the house now. I feel the same way, but I have to be all brave and stuff so maybe his phobia won’t be as bad as mine.

I hate people sometimes.


3 thoughts on “How to Tick Me Off Big Time

  1. ooooohhh, dude that’s creepy. You must be psychic. I’m really sorry your personal space was invaded. Maybe now Mr. Dump will build you the garage you’ve always wanted.

  2. I had a nice baseball card set ripped off from a car at Victory Lancaster St. That’s a regular thing kids coming around ripping stuff out of cars in Leominster. Feel free to tell neighborhood watch people at Leom OEM so they come around when they are out.

  3. We had someone break into the cars when they were in our attached garage … drugs are powerful.

    The Louisville Slugger that was in the corner of the bedroom wasn’t just a decoration.

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