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Day 7: Slight Improvement?

I think I’m on the upswing with the eye thing. I called the doctor yesterday just to ask if I should be concerned that I hadn’t seen ANY improvement since my visit on Thursday, and he gave me a piece of information that he’d neglected to mention when I was there…it takes 7-10 days for this kind of viral infection to run its course. There is no medication to help it, unless the infection is caused by the same herpes virus that gives you cold sores, and if I had that one my eyes would have sores on them. So thank God for small miracles. But this morning I think they look a little better, less swollen, and one of them was significantly less goopy. (Is that too much information?) And I did get hit with this last Wednesday, so this is day 7-ish. I guess I only have a couple more days to put up with it.

On the other hand, the cold symptoms don’t seem to be improving and are getting worse. I’m psyched. Cause if I have to be ill in one area of my body, I want to be sick in ALL of them. Earache, sore throat, c’mon, I can take ’em all.


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