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But It Can’t Be Over Already!?

Dang, the whole holiday is almost over. I hate that. It is so cool to have a 3-day weekend looming before you, like a big shimmery mirage when you’re walking through the desert. The desert of work and February. Not walking through dessert, because that would be cool, unless it was cherries jubilee because that would be hot. (What is cherries jubilee? It looks like flaming cherry pie filling, which is what I figure it tastes like. But anything with “jubilee” in the name can’t be all bad. I’ll bet if Charles Manson’s middle name was Jubilee he’d have gone into another line of work. Maybe open a soft serve ice cream stand shaped like a cone. Ya, that’s what C. Jubilee Manson would have done with his life.)

What was I talking about?

Oh, Monday is over. That sucks. Junior is on vacation this week and I want to be on vacation with him, but I can’t afford to, because we have about 3 weeks to pay for the rest of vacation. And I do want to go on that vacation, trust me. I’m counting the minutes; but it would be nice to have a couple of days off right about now. And of course, I want to do it with Junior.

Oh, and someone finally lost one of his front teeth. Jeez, the kid is 8 already! C’mon, teeth! (Okay, I’m lying. I don’t want him to get his adult teeth. I like his baby teeth just fine. They’re cute and small and don’t require orthadonture of any kind.)