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Wrong on Many Levels

Christine pointed out that yesterday’s blog title was right on many different levels, which is true. Today we discuss something that is wrong on many levels. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which ones.

Yesterday, at a light, I looked over at the guy next to me and he was watching a workout video in his car while he was driving.

Is there really anything else I could say that would make this any better than what is going through your own head? No. And if the only think you have going through your head is a whistling wind, drop a comment and I’ll explain why this is wrong.

Also, when I’m not listening to WXLO (mostly in the morning) I listen to MikeFM (93.7). I get so sick of the repetition of crappy songs on WXLO that I do this for my own sanity. But every once in a while, the whole “Drop a ton of CDs into a computer and press shuffle” gives you something that makes Baby Jesus cry.

One day I heard “My Ding-a-Ling” which amused me. But two nights ago, I heard a duet I didn’t know existed and it just made me realize how odd the music-buying public is. It was a Tom Jones doing a duet with the singer from the Cardigans, doing a remake of the Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House.” Whoa. Once again, I have nothing else to say.


3 thoughts on “Wrong on Many Levels

  1. People do too much other…stuff while they’re driving. I remember there was this whole push to put Internet access in cars. Umm, you’re in the car for one reason: TO DRIVE. This morning, a hotshot on a cell in the next parking space almost bumped my car trying to straighten out, because he was so intent on his cell phone convo. He then almost ran me down trying to get to the elevator before me. Self-important idiot.

    Actually, there’s another reason you are in the car: To listen to music. I was sad at the demise of the Star into Mike, but now I love it. My husband called them and dared them to play Engelbert Humperdinck’s (a name that still makes the third grader in me laugh) “After the Lovin'” on the all-request Friday. I bet they did. I’ve heard some ungodly stuff on that station, stuff that’s best left lost.

  2. A couple of years ago we were driving behind a car in which a guy was watching porn while driving (and I’m sure your exercise guy had similar motivations). If that isn’t an accident waiting to happen, I don’t know what is..
    I wrote about it on my blog and got interviewed for a piece in the Herald about it. HA!

  3. Idiots are everywhere. Hey my kids heard that song the other day on the Simpsons, My Ding a Ling that is. They laughed so hard I had to find it on the net so they could listen to the whole thing. Gotta love Chuck Berry. I am sure a blog title of My Ding a Ling could be misinterperted on many different levels also.

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