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Where Was I?

You mean I haven’t posted anything since Thursday? Shame on me. Well, I can put part of the blame on me trying to be tidy at home. In an effort to make the house presentable so the family could come over to sing Happy Birthday to Junior, I put away my laptop and all it’s various appendages, and I still haven’t taken it back out of the bag. So actually, I had a lovely computer-free weekend, which is shockingly unusual for me. So sorry, I’ll try to never let it happen again.

Yes, Junior is now 8. I resisted the urge to pull out his birth video and force him to listen to my screaming. I did that once (well, we fast forwarded past the bad audio…that’s all there was until he popped out, and by popped I mean “took his sweet time seeing as he was shoulder breech (facing left) and 8 pounds 12 ounces and he didn’t really have a burning urge to exit”) and he was more than a little distraught. Heh.

His “party” this year was for 10 family members to go to the Hibachi grill at Chopsticks in Leominster. MMmmmmmmm. A great time was had by all. And to top it off, a crushing win by the Pats on Saturday night. No wonder I had no need to entertain myself with the computer.

I will be pulling it back out this week, so don’t you fret. I started noodling around again with a book idea. Not a big “On sale everywhere” thing but maybe something a small press would pick up. And each and every one of you who promises to buy a copy will be mentioned by name in the book, just so you’ll have to buy multiple copies so that you can give them to people and say “Look, here is my name in print! I am somebody!” I should be in marketing, don’t you think?