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Meanwhile, Out on the Interweb

I love that word – Interweb. It goes in the same mental pile as “waitron.”

In the “well, small world but you already knew that” department, I went to my yahoo home page, upon which I have several feeds and news from various sourses. One of my modules is a list of “Leominster News” via a feed at It’s not the most accurate module, and half the time I can’t figure out why the links are even there, but yet, I leave it. Today there was one and I clicked on it and was surprised to go to a blog. And the blog entry in question refers to a “Christine from Leominster”. And I poked around a little and realized that yes, it’s our Leominster Christine. And to close the loop, I am not writing about the site that wrote about Christine, who is a regular here. Now it will be her turn to write about me, if I’m following this correctly.