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Imperfect Attendance

Junior had perfect attendance at school this year…until today. Poor kid has had a low-grade fever since I picked him up last night. It’s not like he wasn’t going to blow it when we go to Florida in April anyway, but I have to tell you, I can’t BELIEVE he hasn’t missed a day of school since it started! The last day of January!

What a difference a few years make. Remember, this was the same child who needed ear tubes because he had so many ear infections as a baby (I’ll have to find the actual number…I think like a fisherman I keep embellishing. I want to say 23 by the time he was 15 months old, but that seems high. Then again, he had a lot of them. He was my little snot-nosed boy. Still is, actually, but a lot of it is allergies. And we’ve just been incredibly lucky this year as far as illnesses. Nothing so bad that he had to stay home. But he’s home with my mom today until I can get out of work. He did seem better this morning, but he still had a slight fever and you’re not supposed to send them to school like that, so I didn’t.

Oh, and as a hint of the weather to come, tonight we sign him up for the 2006 Little League season. C’mon, spring!


4 thoughts on “Imperfect Attendance

  1. I can sympathize with Junior. After weeks of fighting a sinus infection and refusing to go to the doc, I took a rare sick day today. Sure enough, doc confirmed I have another one. Yucky. Antibiotics, here I come!

    My brother had so many ear infections that he had tubes put into his ears and actually lost part of his hearing. They stink.

    Hope Junior feels better!

  2. Our fear was that not treating them could harm his hearing. Luckily, we treated all the infections early enough and got the tubes at 15months, and it didn’t cause a problem. I will say our lives changed drastically. Previously, at the first sign of a sniffle we knew it was only a matter of time before the screaming in pain would begin. Suddenly, he could have a cold and, like a normal person, just work through the cold without needing a middle of the night trip to the ER for diagnosis and prescriptions.

  3. Yeah, I remember my bro lying on the floor screaming in agony. Poor thing. Fortunately, most of his hearing loss has reversed itself.

  4. There is something going around out there right now. Junior’s sister was out sick from school Tuesday also, low grade fever and headache. She has missed 2 days of school since Kindergarten, she was bummed.

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