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Hi Mom!

It’s a winter wonderland outside this morning. I’m willing to bet my cheese money that this is a classic “man, we blew it” storm. They were saying 2-6 inches yesterday, and even as late as 6 this morning. Well, I have news for them, there is 6 inches out there right now and it’s not supposed to stop until after dinner. And it’s that HEAVY stuff. School was cancelled and I was annoyed, because 2-6, what’s that over the course of 12 hours? Well, obviously it’s waaaay worse than that out there.

Mr. Dump’s commute was hellish. It took him an hour to get from Leominster to 495 on Route 2, and then another hour to get to the Chelmsford rest area, where he stopped to clean the windshield and unblock the washer spout thingies. While there he noticed the CBS4 truck doing a live traffic/weather report, and then reporter turned around and pointed at him and then waved, so he waved back while the camera was pointed at him with the light on. So Mr. Dump got to be on television this morning! Hey, it at least made the commute a teeny bit more interesting.

Christine, his commute was about as long as yours, but it was a much further drive, on highways. Ick ick ick, I guess I’m kind of glad I’m stuck at home with the boy, even if it means taking a hit in the paycheck. I don’t need a three hour commute each way.