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The Vortex is Gone

Apparently someone went outside with a shovel and smacked the big sign over at the Fitchburg Savings Bank because the temperature is back to normal. I don’t know, I kind of liked the shock value of seeing -92 degrees. I suppose they consider themselves providing a service to the many people driving by, giving them the right temperature. But to me, -92 jarred me right awake, and that’s a service as well. If *I* owned a bank, that’s what I’d do. And maybe I’d have the clock say 46 o’clock, too.

I stopped by Target last night because I couldn’t help myself. Well, I needed something from the food department, and ended up going down to the Christmas stuff because I was having a burning urge for some cinnamon candy canes. I ended up buying some lights and paper. I tried to get paper that was as generic as possible, and when I got home and put it in our wrapping paper thingy…I already had one of the rolls in there from last year. So next year, everyone is getting the red paper with the gold stars. I have 200 or so yards of the stuff to work through.

Anyone here playing the new Animal Crossing for the Nintendo DS? I am J-La of Lemonsta. If you drop me a note, I’ll email my friend code and we can visit each other! I’ve done some visiting with random strangers (there’s a site out there that will pair you up…if you are looking for guests, it will send your info to 3 people who are looking to visit another town) but I’d rather visit with people I know. I give this game 5 out of 5 stars. It’s very very similar to the gamecube version, but there are some enhancements. The fact that 4 players can live in the same house and that you can expand beyond what you could in the old one is good…so is the hair salon and the fact that you can now buy hats and glasses and headgear in addition to clothing. I think that’s my favorite part. J-La spent most of yesterday walking around in a baby bonnet and a fake glasses and mustache set. I’m surprised any of the Animals in my town treated me normally.

So if you don’t own it yet, get it, so we can play!