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Nothing Really Oozed

Well, I guess the temperature did, but it’s winter, so the drop was expected and I didn’t pay attention to the ooze factor. I had to take a different route to work (dropped Junior off at my mom’s for the day) and drove past a Fitchburg Savings Bank branch that had one of those time/temperature thingies. The temperature, according to the sign, was a balmy -92 degrees. How I wish to God I’d taken my camera this morning, but then I’d have had to get out of the car to take the picture, and what if the air temp surrounding the bank actually was -92 degrees because of some supervillan like Mr. Freeze attempting to rob it? Then I would have frozen to death right there in the parking lot while attempting to take a picture. I just can’t risk something like that, so you’ll have to just take my word for it. Or drive down John Fitch Highway on your own today, if you’re local.

So now Christmas is over, and I’m left with that “I have nothing to look forward to” feeling. I hate that. As much as I adore preparations for Christmas, I hate the feeling you get when you realize it’s all over, except for putting everything away. *sigh*