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"I’m Itchy"

Those are great words to hear from your kid when you are headed out the door in the morning. I figured he had dry skin, so I went to get the moisturizer…and when I looked at his torso, I had the pleasure of looking at a hive-covered little boy. His arms, legs, belly, back and his bum…covered with red welts. I have to admit I was horrified and immediately tried to think of what he’d eaten that would do it.

I made Mr. Dump run upstairs to put him back in the shower to rinse off any soap residue from his first shower…which is where I learned that he’d used some of the shower gel “Axe”. I didn’t know he was going to use it because I would have told him no – he has sensitive skin.

This reaction was VERY extreme, though. Sheesh. We ended up slathering Desitin all over his whole body and giving him some antihistamine. About 30-40 minutes later he wasn’t itchy, and 2 hours later the welts were gone. I don’t think he’ll be doing THAT again any time soon.