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I Don’t Know If This Screams "Christmas"

We bought Junior the 2005 Lego Advent Calendar this year. It’s our first year with this type – we’d done playmobile in the past, and some of the plain “oh, look, a drawing of a mitten” kind.

This is the least Christmassy Advent Calendar in the history of Advent Calendars. Now don’t get me wrong, the items he is pulling out are cool. But I don’t know, call me a purist, but does a little Lego burglar seem appropriate? We’ve gotten firemen, policemen, little fires, hoses, axes, equipment, and a burglar. I’m used to Santa’s workshop stuff, but I guess they’ve done those in the past. At least these will be usable all year round. They just seem iffy as part of an Advent Calendar. Is it me?