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Cold Fear Grips My Soul

Cold Fear Grips My Soul
A Christmas Story by Jody

It was late. Later than late. The moonless sky held no hope, no light. The smell of fear and despair and car exhaust filled the air. It was the day before Christmas, and the mall parking lot held captive the souls of hundreds of unrepentant shoppers.

“This sucks” exclaimed a small boy, whose mother smacked him on the back of the head.
“Shut the &%#$ up! And don’t use that *#@#^& word!” she chastised, while glaring at him and ramming her cart into a rack of Doritos.

I cowered in the corner, tears stinging my eyes, my nose running until I had to wipe it on my sleeve. I hate crowds. I detest masses of people taking the things I want, and holding up lines while they try to learn how to use the debit card machine. The little child was right. This totally sucks.

I never should have moved my prescriptions to Target.