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A Sad, Sad Day

Okay, I’m not as sad as I would be if we were talking Big Papi. I’m not so sad about Johnny “no Arm” leaving as I am that this really just removes the last remaining poster boy of the 2004 team (assuming Manny is going somewhere else). Sure, we still have some of the better guys from that team, but who do I think of from that year, after Papi? Millar and Damon. Cowboy up, and ride off into the sunset, boys. And to the stinkin’ Yankees…man, that’s what really stings, I think.

My normal morning routine is that the radio alarm blares, and I smack it off. It’s a reflex. This morning it went off while Jen from XLO was reading news, and my reflexes turned it off even though I didn’t want to. I heard “Ex-Red Sox centerfielder signed for…” and I knew, but not the details. If the Sox had signed him, it wouldn’t be Ex now, would it?

It certainly woke me up, anyway.