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Month: December, 2005

Preparing for the Weekend

I just wanted to let everyone know that this year I will not be doing reviews of all the old champagne in my fridge because there isn’t any. I would also like to say that I just tried to find a link to the reviews of the five bottles of champagne, but it doesn’t seem to still be here anywhere. I don’t have time to go through every file I have, but damn, is it really gone? And if so, to where?

Food on hand: Chips and dip, buffalo wings, and root beer. I’ll bet you’re all jealous. You should be. We’ll be asleep long before 2006 arrives…

p.s. What the hell, Google! As of when do you give results for the name “Jodie” if I use “Jody” as a search term? Those are NOT THE SAME NAME!


The Vortex is Gone

Apparently someone went outside with a shovel and smacked the big sign over at the Fitchburg Savings Bank because the temperature is back to normal. I don’t know, I kind of liked the shock value of seeing -92 degrees. I suppose they consider themselves providing a service to the many people driving by, giving them the right temperature. But to me, -92 jarred me right awake, and that’s a service as well. If *I* owned a bank, that’s what I’d do. And maybe I’d have the clock say 46 o’clock, too.

I stopped by Target last night because I couldn’t help myself. Well, I needed something from the food department, and ended up going down to the Christmas stuff because I was having a burning urge for some cinnamon candy canes. I ended up buying some lights and paper. I tried to get paper that was as generic as possible, and when I got home and put it in our wrapping paper thingy…I already had one of the rolls in there from last year. So next year, everyone is getting the red paper with the gold stars. I have 200 or so yards of the stuff to work through.

Anyone here playing the new Animal Crossing for the Nintendo DS? I am J-La of Lemonsta. If you drop me a note, I’ll email my friend code and we can visit each other! I’ve done some visiting with random strangers (there’s a site out there that will pair you up…if you are looking for guests, it will send your info to 3 people who are looking to visit another town) but I’d rather visit with people I know. I give this game 5 out of 5 stars. It’s very very similar to the gamecube version, but there are some enhancements. The fact that 4 players can live in the same house and that you can expand beyond what you could in the old one is good…so is the hair salon and the fact that you can now buy hats and glasses and headgear in addition to clothing. I think that’s my favorite part. J-La spent most of yesterday walking around in a baby bonnet and a fake glasses and mustache set. I’m surprised any of the Animals in my town treated me normally.

So if you don’t own it yet, get it, so we can play!


Nothing Really Oozed

Well, I guess the temperature did, but it’s winter, so the drop was expected and I didn’t pay attention to the ooze factor. I had to take a different route to work (dropped Junior off at my mom’s for the day) and drove past a Fitchburg Savings Bank branch that had one of those time/temperature thingies. The temperature, according to the sign, was a balmy -92 degrees. How I wish to God I’d taken my camera this morning, but then I’d have had to get out of the car to take the picture, and what if the air temp surrounding the bank actually was -92 degrees because of some supervillan like Mr. Freeze attempting to rob it? Then I would have frozen to death right there in the parking lot while attempting to take a picture. I just can’t risk something like that, so you’ll have to just take my word for it. Or drive down John Fitch Highway on your own today, if you’re local.

So now Christmas is over, and I’m left with that “I have nothing to look forward to” feeling. I hate that. As much as I adore preparations for Christmas, I hate the feeling you get when you realize it’s all over, except for putting everything away. *sigh*


Repost of the Other Entry

There’s a weather alert out for our area (North Central MA) for tonight, and covers upcoming stormy weather for Sunday/Monday. You can read the details yourself, but I did want to point out the following sentence in the National Weather Service Bulletin:


Oozes? Does cold air ooze? I had no idea. I have never seen this phraseology before today.


Cold Fear Grips My Soul

Cold Fear Grips My Soul
A Christmas Story by Jody

It was late. Later than late. The moonless sky held no hope, no light. The smell of fear and despair and car exhaust filled the air. It was the day before Christmas, and the mall parking lot held captive the souls of hundreds of unrepentant shoppers.

“This sucks” exclaimed a small boy, whose mother smacked him on the back of the head.
“Shut the &%#$ up! And don’t use that *#@#^& word!” she chastised, while glaring at him and ramming her cart into a rack of Doritos.

I cowered in the corner, tears stinging my eyes, my nose running until I had to wipe it on my sleeve. I hate crowds. I detest masses of people taking the things I want, and holding up lines while they try to learn how to use the debit card machine. The little child was right. This totally sucks.

I never should have moved my prescriptions to Target.


Carol of the Bells

I wanted to announce that my current favorite Christmas Carol is Carol of the Bells. I know you want to know this. Go write it down somewhere, I’ll wait.

I was trying to think why it’s my favorite. I think it just has to do with the solemnity of it (I guess it depends on the version. The Jingle Cats are right out.) and the fact that it just feel very wintery and holy at the same time. Something like that.

So the cool thing about iPods is listening to songs in alphabetical order. I haven’t loaded anything near my full collection into iTunes, because my iPod only holds 4gig of stuff. But I can currently listen to 6 versions of that song in a row! And yesterday I did!

My current favorite version is actually one with words, I believe by the Memphis Children’s Choir but when I bought it at iTunes it doesn’t actually say who performs the song, it’s just listed under “Children’s Xmas”. For only 99 cents, you can listen to the same song as me!

Gaily they ring
While people sing
songs of good cheer
Christmas is here
Merry merry merry merry Christmas
Merry merry merry merry Christmas
Gladly proclaim
With one accord
The happy tale
Welcome the Lord
Ring Christmas Bells
Ring Christmas Bells
Merrily Ring
Tell all the world


A Sad, Sad Day

Okay, I’m not as sad as I would be if we were talking Big Papi. I’m not so sad about Johnny “no Arm” leaving as I am that this really just removes the last remaining poster boy of the 2004 team (assuming Manny is going somewhere else). Sure, we still have some of the better guys from that team, but who do I think of from that year, after Papi? Millar and Damon. Cowboy up, and ride off into the sunset, boys. And to the stinkin’ Yankees…man, that’s what really stings, I think.

My normal morning routine is that the radio alarm blares, and I smack it off. It’s a reflex. This morning it went off while Jen from XLO was reading news, and my reflexes turned it off even though I didn’t want to. I heard “Ex-Red Sox centerfielder signed for…” and I knew, but not the details. If the Sox had signed him, it wouldn’t be Ex now, would it?

It certainly woke me up, anyway.


A Happy Happy Day

I’m happy today. You want to know why? Because it’s officially the day that marks the end of the days getting shorter and we start get 30 extra seconds of daylight every day. Or something like that. I hate hate hate commuting home in the dark. I drive on winding unlit backroads, and almost hit a deer a few weeks ago. (Almost as in, when I got the van completely stopped, the front back end of the deer was about a foot or so away from my grill.) I really just need it to be light while I’m driving that route, thank you.

Only a couple of days until Christmas. I guess it’s time to start wrapping. I have piles of gifts in my room because we can’t leave anything under the tree this year. I just don’t trust the dog. Also, I took the plunge and set up my Christmas train set and put it under the tree, so we couldn’t put gifts there. The dog has been pretty good about the train. Well, actually, when we first got it up and running, he was HORRIBLE, but it was really funny. He was barking at it, and would jump on my lap so I would save him from it, and he finally got brave and sort of knocked it off the tracks with his nose. The next day, we could run it and he didn’t even pay attention to it. So I guess once he vanquished the beast, he didn’t have to worry about it (or bark at it) any more. I won’t run it if I’m not watching him, because it is an expensive set, and I don’t want him to knock it over or chew on it. But I’m happy that I was able to at least set it up and play with it a little. Maybe next year, I can try putting out some of my houses.


Bad Santa

Okay, there’s a new contender for best headline of 2005. I don’t know what the other contenders are, but Reuters gave us this beauty today: “Violent, Drunken ‘Bad Santas’ Wreak Havoc Worldwide”. I mean seriously, does it get any better than that? It’s a story about bad guys dressing up in Santa Suits. The highlight of the story, in my eyes, was “in Auckland on Saturday … 40 drunken Santas rampaged through the city center, stealing from stores and assaulting security guards in a protest against Christmas becoming too commercial.”

Well, that’ll show ’em, eh? I wonder what they serve for Christmas dinner in the slammer?

I also wanted to update the bad Christmas Special entry from the other day. Sure, Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer was a horrible mess of a cartoon, but for some reason, a show we caught later that same day was much, much worse. Much worse. Did anybody but me see “A Christmas Dinosaur?” See, this little kid snuck a peek at the present from his aunt, a petrified dino egg, that happened to hatch and then they had to hide this thing (which understood English pretty well, by the way) until Christmas morning, when they finally admitted there was a pterosaur with a 20+ foot wingspan living in their treehouse but luckily, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains there is a colony of dinosaurs who came back to claim this one. Holy crap. Accent on crap. I just tried to look it up, and anyone who doesn’t believe me can try to catch one of the following showings on Cartoon Network: “A Christmas Dinosaur” – December 20, 9:00am – December 22, 10:00am – December 24, 1:00pm – December 25, 7:00pm


I Like Christmas Specials, But…

I don’t think we need to be watching the animated “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” Gah. Shut it off, shut it off!