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Month: November, 2005

I’m Back!

Did you miss me? Oh sure you did! I wasn’t gone very far, just working, writing my nano novel, and cleaning the bathroom. When I actually clean the bathroom, I reward myself by not making me do anything else productive that day.

Actually, I wasn’t home a lot of the weekend, and when I was home, I was busy. We caught my nephew’s last flag football game of the season (“Go Pats!”). We took the dog with us, and he was the happiest pup you ever saw. “So many people to visit! So many blades of grass to smell and taste! Oh, and could someone get this little girl off me? She’s like velcro!” Yes, my niece is madly in love with the pupster. I think it’s because he got his hair cut Saturday morning and he was wearing some lovely doggie cologne. I hate dog smell, and he smelled like anything but that. We’re going to have to take him to the groomer more often.

We got the holiday lights up, because it’s always way more fun to do it when it’s sixty degrees out than when it’s 40 and raining. I like the way it looks, but it feels incomplete to me. We used to always do all 4 shrubs in front of the house, but this year only did 2 of them (and lights around the door). So I won’t stick my neck out and say we’re done, because I’m not convinced we are. But if we don’t put up any more lights, it will still look really nice.

Also, we saw Zathura last night. Without going into any plot-spoiling details, it is a terrific, fantastic edge-of-your-seat movie. Junior loved it, but also was scared by it in places. But that good kind of scared, if that’s possible. It is rated PG and I wouldn’t take anyone younger than 6 or 7, and if the kid is sensitive, I’d wait until 9 or so. It’s a great great movie, but very intense. As I mentioned to my sister, nobody is killed or even hurt, but it isn’t for lack of trying. Kids who are still afraid of monsters getting them should stay the hell home. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. But I would suggest this one to people without kids too. I had a lot of fun.


Food Frenzy

Okay, the Sentinel (I’d give you a link but I’m lazy. I think it’s just that dot com) had an article about the two restaurants that will be coming to the Orchard Hill Shopping center in Leominster.

I am quite literally beside myself with joy over one of them. The other I could live without ever setting foot in again. Let’s start with the latter. Everyone knew it was going to be the Olive Garden. Well the official word is out. But the last restaurant is the one that I am BEYOND THRILLED to have so close to home. We have nothing at all like it in the area, but not only that, the food is outstanding. We are getting…a Smokey Bones! WOOOOO! Everyone stand up and cheer, and get ready to order skillets of corn bread with pecan butter, baby. And the pulled pork. Junior ate half of mine the last time we went to the one in Nashua, and this kid doesn’t eat things like pulled pork. Oh joy!


A Couple of Wednesday Thoughts

For your Wednesday enjoyment, I present “Jody In The Round” a 1-woman extravaganza in SurroudRead

  • I hear we may see a snowflake or two this week (today or Friday, according to the radio). I would prefer this to not happen. I also have to order new boots for Junior, who is about 2 sizes larger than he was last winter, the little bugger. While I’m at it, I’m going to get some for me…I found some in the Lands End catalog that will apparently keep my feet so warm that as I walk, I will leave scorch marks in the snow.
  • The little strip mall where I wanted to put my pipe dream store is all filled up and everything is open. So I guess that’s the end of that. Maybe one of the businesses will fail (aren’t I nice?) and I can take their space. I just really thought it was a perfect location. Speaking of which, my other pipe dream, to buy the old abandoned Whalom Drive-In and put in something fun like a Go-Cart place, may also be over. It looks like someone went in there with a bulldozer and flattened everything down and cleared out all the brush. So apparently something is going to go in that space. Don’t know if it will be a house, condos, or a business.
  • I love raisin bagels.
  • I should be working on the Nano Novel instead of the blog. I’m a few words behind where I should be right now. (By the end of the day we should have about 15000 words to be on target for the 50k)

This is Fall?

So it was only about 50 degrees and super windy today. Still, if you only went by the following photo (taken at lunch where I work) and you ignored the leaves in the foreground and the random bare trees, you might think this picture was taken in late spring. (Speaking of the wind…yes, that was a strip of shingles from the roof lying on the driveway when I got home.)

This picture is glorious full size (It’s reduced to about 15% for this picture). It is in my top three favorite pictures I’ve ever taken, and right now it’s my desktop background image. See, fall can be beautiful, even without pretty red and orange leaves!


Happy Fall

Okay, this past week and weekend we finally had our peak foliage, in my humble opinion. Not that I hate stretching out fall, by any means, but I was just so delighted to actually see some actual color.


Time for a Quick Hello

Let the house at about 8:15 this morning and didn’t get home until around 5 pm. Oy, somehow I misplaced the whole day! Spent some money though, which is always fun. Oh, and you’ll be shocked to hear that only $29 of it was at Target. I can’t believe I only spend $29. Well, it would have been more but it turns out that I havn’t been paying close enough attantion and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory isn’t out until Tuesday. All I noticed was the commercials showing every 15 seconds on Nickelodeon.

So now it’s almost 7 and I haven’t done today’s words on my Nano novel, never mind bank a few in case next week is a rough one. I promise I will be good and for the next hour I will do nothing but type. I’ll even put on my iPod instead of watching whatever is on tv. But if I have my 1666 words by 8pm, I have earned the right to sit with my family on the couch, right? We have this week’s Mythbusters in the warming tray of the TiVo…


Sharing My Earworms

Okay, I have a song stuck in my head that most of you have probably never heard. But, through the power of the internet, I am going to tell you how you can download the song from the artist’s website to enjoy in your very own ears.

The song is called Skullcrusher Mountain, and it’s by a brilliant singer/songwriter named Jonathan Coulton. Got to his site at to download this and other fantastic songs for free…then toss him a few bucks if you like what you hear. His stuff is excellent for listening to on the drive home, let me tell you.


I won’t complain….I won’t complain…

You have to trust me when I tell you that coming anywhere near seventy degrees in November in Massachusetts is a gift from Heaven. I love it. Adore it. But damned if it isn’t either giving me a cold or an allergy attack. The change in temperature from freezing cold to 70 in the span of a week just makes my sinuses go “Well, that was fun, we think we’ll just boost production of post-nasal drip. Have a nice day.”

Gah. So I’ll go for a walk at lunch today to enjoy the pretty leaves and stuff, and then I’ll come back inside and take more Sudafed.



Well, I already broke 1000. That’s good. And you’ll be happy (?) to hear that the bottom of page three contains the following paragraph:

Okay, at this point, I’m already bored with everything I wrote. So I think I’m going to have to figure out what my plot should be. But it’s not going to be where I was going with this. Sheesh, what a pile of crap.”

Fantastic. So much for plot planning. Oh, and not 5 sentences in I forgot that I was going to write in 3rd person. You’d think that after 5 years this would get easier. *sigh*


And Away We Go!

The 2005 Nanowrimo starting gun was fired at midnight. I guess that means I need to get my butt in gear, stop eating Junior’s Halloween candy, and write something. That also means things should heat up over in the NaNoDumpO blog. I’ve added it to the blogroll on the right, so you’ll always know when there is something new. There’s also an RSS feed (link is on the page) for those of you who like to maintain your feed lists. Right now I have 4 people contributing to that blog, so I’m hoping it will be busy!

Man alive, was it a great night for trick-or-treating or what? You just can’t get a nicer day than yesterday, unless it’s today. Too bad I’ve got that whole work thing to do. Time to put away all the Halloween decorations. I don’t want to jump right into Christmas, though. Not when it’s 67 degrees and the trees are FINALLY changing color. Sheesh.